Dan John

Dan John

Full Back
Looks like Dan John didn’t play this season


Honours: Sportsman 2018/19
1st Game for Warriors
Yellow Bellies (NZ)
Where do you think we are going?
Ideal tour destination
Best trip or tour to date
Favourite Warriors
Colin Tacon
Rugby Hero?
Best dressed Warrior?
Rugby Ambition?
100 games for the Warriors
Favourite Song?
Worst Rugby Moment
Broken ribs after playing in snow
Best Rugby Moment
Playing at Millennium Stadium
Suggest a forfeit
I’m not evil

Dirty, Old, Dan made his debut in Hamilton, New Zealand in the 2017s tour's 1st match - a win over the South Auckland Kiwis and continued from there.
Good for the 1st half, non existent for the 2nd.
Likes to sneak off from a fag to bed, but early nights, a quiet Guinness and a weak Horlicks should see him right as long as he avoids patches of ice and too much excitement.
Recipient of the worst ever lap dance in Paris and lonely tourist winner in Greece.
Hard to believe that Craig hasn’t named him favourite Warrior after his support of him in France on the Scarlets trip.
Expected to bring back his own body weight in tobacco. Flexible Mother.
Finest Moment: Justice For Cubby Banner in Samoa.

Debut: South Auckland Kiwis (Summer tour 2018)

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