Daniel Grinter

Daniel Grinter

Points scored


Honours: Tour Captain - Ireland 2019

1st Game for Warriors?
Swansea Vikings 6/9/2018
Ideal tour destination?
Favourite Warriors?
Lloyd Crawley/Luke Pearse
Rugby Hero?
Shane Williams
Best dressed Warrior?
Rugby Ambition?
Improve every time I play
Favourite Song?
Tinie Tempah - drinking from the bottle
Worst Rugby Moment?
Getting high tackled (By Jon Kearney) when playing for opposition (Croeserw)
Best Rugby Moment?
Scoring my 1st try (Betws)
Suggest a forfeit?
Top off – sing a song
Dan was one of the first of the New Wave of West Wales College Kids to play, appearing on the wing against Swansea Vikings in August 2018. Scored his first points with a conversion at Gloucester Griffins in the 300 match.
Too slow for the backs and too small for the forwards, Dan has been good enough to go where ever his team has needed him and is a solid all rounder.
‘1 Dap’ (he once managed to lose a trainer whilst waiting in a relay race and had to run his leg in one dap – he successfully handed on to Lloyd and they still won) was selected as tour captain after impressing since coming into the team at the start of 18/19 season but rather ruined this impressive honour when he went early to bed on the 1st night.
Has featured more and more at hooker as it’s become apparent that basketball has given him the skill to hit a barn door more often than not

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