Jason '2 Guns' Jenkins

Jason '2 Guns' Jenkins

Looks like Jason '2 Guns' Jenkins didn’t play this season

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Earned his nick names '2 guns' on the 1st New Zealand tour (2005) and emerged from the shadow of original hooker Ed Williams to become a mainstay of the side. Finally convinced management he had retired before making a comeback in the Tumble match 10/11. Now picking his games very very carefully, generally based on the weather, the local chicks and whether he'll be expected to tackle anyone.

Most capped hooker
Tour Captain 00/01 Southend.
Most Improved 99/00, Captain (x2)

Whilst Jason tends not to play in rain, wind, hail, snow, sunshine or cloudy weather...he does still love a trip. So there’s always a chance of the kit being dusted off in Cardiff, and when it comes to tour – you KNOW he’s there! - Sidestepping puddles and singing his own version of Calon Lan. Disco central in Teignmouth, top off table top dancing in Southend, 2 guns drinking & getting lost in New Zealand (05) are all part of the Warriors history. In reality though, he is still living off that 2005 tour and although there has been the odd flash recently; egging himself in the GO Festival boat race, singing in Ferryside – it may be that Jason has to step up on forthcoming tours to keep the challenge of some up and coming tourists at bay.
Yet another of the short arse dwarf/leprechaun contingent.

Debut: 1st match of 98/99: Gladiators at Waunarlwydd (draw)

Ideal tour destination
Best trip or tour to date?
New Zealand 2005
Favourite Warriors?
Rugby Hero?
Lee Byrne
Best dressed Warrior?
Rugby Ambition?
Win a cup
Favourite Song?
Max Boyce
Worst Rugby Moment?
Not being able to play
Best Rugby Moment?
Watching Ospreys live
Suggest a forfeit:
Do some star jumps

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