'Jumpin' John Horwood

'Jumpin' John Horwood

Second Row
Points scored


In the beginning, let there be light, let there be sound, let there be Warriors, let there be Jumpin John. And Yea let him be tall in height and strong in body and yea let him sing with the voice of an angel.
John is easily the oldest Warrior (though Dirty old Dan and Lee OAP are physically worse) – older than the trees, younger than the mountains, blowing in the breeze. John recently celebrated his 600th birthday and as well as being there for the origins of the Warriors, some believe that he was there when William Webb Ellis 1st picked up a ball and ran.
Happily admits that the post match pint is as important/enjoyable as the game often doesn't smile until he is sitting down with his pint of Guinness

The only 'original' still playing regularly
1st player to make 200 appearances.
Captain 2002/03
Captain for Mixed Ability World Tournament 2015.
Most Improved Player 1997/98, 1998/99
Players' Player 2001/02
Sportsman 2006/07

Debut: Swansea Gladiators Away 1995 (draw)
50th appearance:
100th appearance: Carterton (2004/05)
200th appearance: Tumble (2014/15)

Ideal tour destination
Best trip or tour to date
New Zealand (both trips)
Favourite Warriors
Hapus, Simon Day
Rugby Hero?
Ray Gravell
Best dressed Warrior?
Rugby Ambition?
To play in Australia
Favourite Song?
Yellow Submarine
Worst Rugby Moment
Losing any game
Best Rugby Moment
Travelling to New Zealand
Suggest a forfeit
Down a pint and run around in a circle until sick

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