Simon Day

Simon Day

Left Wing
Points scored

Previous clubs

Burry Port


The Burry Port Bullet, Daydream joined the Warriors for the 14/15 season making his debut in the win over the Swansea Gladiators.

Tour Captain London Welsh 2019,
Players’ Player 15/16,
Top Tries (joint) 17/18,
Most capped wing from 2019 -

Ideal tour destination
Best trip or tour to date
NZ & Samoa
Favourite Warriors
Dirty Dan John
Rugby Hero?
Stephen Jones
Best dressed Warrior?
Old Dan John
Rugby Ambition?
Win Cup with Burry Port 1sts
Favourite Song?
Hen Wlad Fy’n Nhadau
Worst Rugby Moment
Smashing teeth on Sideshow Tom’s head
Best Rugby Moment
Hatrick against London Welsh
Suggest a forfeit
Run naked and touch a tree

Very soon after joining showed a talent for moshing and getting injured, the repairs to these injuries means that Simon owes his good looks to the Warriors

Day had a less eventful 2019 tour of Bradford. He didn’t score 3 tries and pull like in London, but then he didn’t have to run away from a kicking (Bradford 2017, still the fastest he has ever run). He lost his phone and wallet but he did have a nice hulk hogan costume.
Had both his Mam & Girlfriend a last tour
As Mami’s little solider, is always most likely to have the best costume with flashing lights and will be seen making his sad eyes at Trev every time we pass a toy shop. Is equally the most enthusiastic and worst karaoke singing in the team (and probably Wales).
Likes to pretend he’s injured so he can wear silly supports and bandages. Offsprings – Pretty Fly for a White Guy was based on Youtube videos of Simon Day singing Michael Jackson songs in a pink leather jacket.
Probably the fastest Warrior to 100 appearances as he rarely misses a game.

Debut 2014/15 Vs Swansea Gladiators (won)
50th match 2017/18
100th Match 2019/00 Vs Burry Port NYD 2020

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