Thomas Edwards

Thomas Edwards

Full Back
Looks like Thomas Edwards didn’t play this season

Previous clubs

Burry Port, Stingarys


Another product of Burry Port Nursery, Tom followed his friends Nathan and Craig into the Warriors in the 2nd half of the 16/17 season and quickly established himself as someone more likely than not to catch a ball.

Ideal tour destination?
Best trip or tour to date?
New Zealand & Samoa
Favourite Warriors?
Rugby Hero?
Craig ‘concussion’ James
Best dressed Warrior?
Simon Day
Rugby Ambition?
Unbeaten Season
Favourite Song?
Country Road
Worst Rugby Moment?
Dropping ball over the line in Parc y Scarlets
Best Rugby Moment?
Tackling Ryan Jones
Suggest a forfeit
30 laps of the pitch

Has been nominated by the other kids as the ultimate wing man, size no object. Tom Ed was hampered in Bradford by his balloon penis (in addition to the other cruel jokes nature has played on him.
Having finally made his 25th appearance at Abercraf he can be counted as a full Warrior well ahead of sometimers like Lewis Short & Dan Bryant.
Likes romantic sun rise with (his?) Princess.

Debut: Old Penarthians 2016/17

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