Tomos Hall

Tomos Hall

Blindside Flanker
Looks like Tomos Hall didn’t play this season

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Big Tom made his debut in the Origin Cup triumph over Burry Port in October 2015 and was named man of the match by former Llanelli Warriors/Taranaki No8 Ian Marshall. His 2nd game against the Vikings must have tired him out though as he had to have a long lie down at the end of the game.

AKA: DC, The Tominator

Player of the Year: 2015/16
Players' Player: 2018/19
Tour Captain Bradford 2019,

Ideal tour destination?
Best trip or tour to date?
New Zealand/Samoa
Favourite Warriors?
Rugby Hero?
Johnny Wilkinson (Not DC??)
Best dressed Warrior?
Rugby Ambition?
Johnny Wilkinson
Favourite Song?
Toxic (Britney Spears)
Suggest a forfeit?
Dirty Yard Pitcher

Likes to think of himself as the enforcer but in Bradford was out rugbyied by a girl who proved herself tougher. The jury is out on whether he gave her his garland or she took it by force and made him cry. He did however show great defensive skills later on – top c**k block on Simon Jenkins levels.
A master at giving an answer when he hasn’t got a clue what the question means, Mam has suggested a new nick name with this great story: I sent Tom to get ½ dozen eggs, I realised I needed to check he understood – so that’s 6 eggs Tom! - Yes Mam – he returned with 7 boxes!!! We gave some away but lived off scrambled eggs and omlettes for a month, perhaps he should be “The Tomlette” not the Tominator!

Debut: Burry Port 2015 Win Origin Cup (Man of the Match)
50th fixture: Bumbles 2019 (H) Win H Bomb Cup (Man of the Match)

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