2.1Promotion of the game of rugby football.
2.2To supply food & refreshments inc. beers, wines & spirits.
2.3Fund-raising; fetes, lotteries & other associated activities.
2.4Social Activities.
2.5To hold property on lease or freehold & to borrow & to raise money.
2.6Anything, which is incidental to the above.

3.1By a committee of not less than 6 persons, elected annually
at the AGM. The committee has the power to Co-opt and to
fill any vacancies that occur during the year.
3.2There will be one committee meeting each month.

4.Office Bearers:
4.1All office bearers to be elected at AGM by membership.
Office Bearers to be elected: -
1.Club Captain (Committee Chairman).
2.Vice Captain (Committee Chairman in absence of Captain).
3.Secretary (Responsible for Committee minutes & any correspondence affecting the club with the exception of fixtures).
4.Match Secretary (Responsible for fixtures & Referees).
5.Treasurer (Responsible for accounts & Finance).
6.Social Convener (Responsible for organising social events).
7.Hon. President.
8.Hon. Vice President, maximum of two, this position to be ex officio.
4.2The voting of the committee will be a simple majority of
those present and in the event of equality the Club Captain or his deputy shall have a second casting vote. In the absence of both Captain & Vice Captain the Committee will elect a chairman. The Hon. President will be a Committee member with voting rights.

5.Powers of the Committee:
The whole management of the club delegated to the
The Committee shall have sole responsibility for making
Contacts by or on behalf of the club members and no contact shall be binding unless specifically authorised by the Committee at a Committee meeting.

6.Annual General Meeting:
The Annual General Meeting will be held no later than the 30th April in each year.
All members of the club will receive a 21-day notice of the meeting.
A quorum will be 20 of those present and entitled to vote.
The business proper of the AGM will be to elect a Committee, which will be done by a majority of votes. The President of the club for the previous year will take the chair during the election of the new Club Captain and in the absence of the President the Vice President. In the absence of the President & Vice President a temporary Chairman will be elected by a majority of the meeting. If there is an equality in voting for Club Captain, then the Chairman will have the casting vote. The Club Captain will have the casting vote for the election of all other Committee Members. Also at the AGM the accounts are to be presented & approved.

7.Extraordinary General Meeting:
An EGM may be called by at least 15 members giving 7
days notice to the committee along with a written notice of the motion to be discussed and 21 days notice after that to the Club Members (as with the AGM). The quorum at the EGM will be as for an AGM.

There are 3 categories of membership:
9.Full members – The criteria to become a full member is someone who is wishes to or is currently playing for the club and has fully paid their membership.
10.Non-Playing Members – Non-playing members have no voting rights at the AGM or any EGM.
11.Junior Members – junior members are those persons who are under 18 at the date of the AGM. On attaining the age of 18 during the fiscal year the junior member will become a full member on payment of the balance of the full subscription.
8.Membership (Contd):

8.2The subscription shall be determined by the members of the
AGM by a simple majority. Payment of subscriptions is to be
by 31st December of the current fiscal year.
8.3Election of club members will be by the Committee. There
must be written notice of application for membership to the
Committee who will keep a register of membership. The
application of membership will include signatures of a
proposer and seconder, both of whom must be members,
and the applicants own signature. The Committee alone
shall have power to elect members.
8.4In the event of non-payment of sub-scription, notice will be given by the Committee of cessation of membership.
8.5A member may be asked to resign by the Committee for breach of good conduct. Such a decision must be reached by 60% of the votes cast by the Committee.
8.6No former member who has been expelled shall be admitted as a visitor.

9.1Each member will be restricted to two visiting members at one time. Members of the club will be responsible for their guests. All visiting teams are deemed to be guests of the committee and no restriction therefore is placed on their numbers. All visitors and members except visiting teams must be signed in and shall sign the visiting book. Visitors will be allowed to enter the Club at the discretion of the Committee

10.1The Club will keep accounts, which must be audited annually.
Cheques can be signed with any two of the following signatories:
The Club Captain
The Club Treasurer
The Secretary
10.2The fiscal year will be 1st April to 31st March

11.Liability of Committee and Club:
The club is responsible for bar shortages. In the event of
dissolution or bankruptcy the members will be limited only to the amount of their subscriptions

12.1All ratified Committee Minutes will be made available to the


The sale and supply of excisable liquor in the Club premises shall be governed my the following regulations:
13.1The sale & supply of excisable liquor in the Club premises
shall be managed by a bar Committee consisting of a convenor and at least four other members appointed by the General Committee.
13.2No member of the General Committee or the bar Committee
And no manager or servant who may be employed in the Club shall have any personal interest in the sale of excisable liquor therein or in the profits arising from such a sale.
13.3Excisable liquor shall only be sold or supplied in the club
premises to:
1.Members of the club aged 18 and over, consisting of members who have paid their subscription for the year or period during which they use the club premises and Honorary Members.
2.Visitors subject to the rule 9.1
13.4No excisable liquor shall be sold or supplied in the club premises for the consumption off the premises except to a member of the Club in person for consumption by him.
13.5The Bar Committee shall, subject to the approval of the General Committee, fix the prices at which excisable and non – excisable liquor shall be sold in club premises.
13.6The permitted hours for the sale of excisable liquor shall be those authorised by or in terms of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 1976, or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof General Committee may by bye-laws regulate the hours for such sale within the provisions said Act.
13.7Members shall pay every expense they incur at the Club premises before leaving and no account shall be opened by or credit allowed to any member.
13.8Visitors shall not be supplied with excisable liquor in the club premises unless on the invitation and in the company of a Member and the member shall on admission of such visitor to the Club enter his own name and address of the visitor in the Visitor’s Book which shall be kept in the premises for this purpose and which book shall show the date of the visit. A member may not introduce more than two visitors on any one occasion and no person may introduce any visitor on more than two occasions in any one month.

13.Licence (Contd):
13.9Neither the General Committee, the Bar Committee nor the Club, nor any person connected with it shall be responsible to any member, visitor, guest or any other person for the loss of any money, or other property or valuables in the Club premises or any other part of the playing fields.
13.10The Bar Committee shall be responsible for the control of stock and the maintenance of such records relating to the purchase and sale of liquors as maybe required by the General Committee.

14.Alterations to the Constitution:
14.1Alterations to the Constitution can only be made at the AGM or at an Extraordinary General Meeting by two thirds votes of the members present. There must be of course, again written notice of the meeting and the quorum adhered to.

In the event of the Club being dissolved for any reason the assets and funds remaining all settlement of outstanding debts and liabilities shall devolve upon either a charitable organisation or charitable institution who’s aim and objectives are similar to those of the club or another recognised charity as otherwise agreed by the remaining members of the club.

16.1The Club Captain and any three other Committee members will be Trustees for the Club and therefore have power to sign deeds etc. All transactions must have specific authority of the Committee otherwise they are not binding.