A.G.M August 2015 - Minutes/Balance Sheet

Thursday 6th August 2015
Chairman’s Residence

Minutes of Meeting

A D Short - Chair (ADS)
P Wells - Head Coach (PW)
S Howarth – Secretary (SH)
D Short – Club Captain- (DS)
R Woods – Players Rep (TW)

1. Apologies; Keith Thompson-Team Manager (KT), Christine Edwardson-Finance Director (CE)

2. Minutes of last meeting;
Read and approved
3. Matters Arising;
None that are not on the agenda
4. Chairman’s Address;
ADS outlined the success of the club since 2010 and how remarkable the progress has been from Div. 2 Tyneside Amateur league up to the new season starting in Div. 1 Northern Alliance League in just 5 seasons. As former coach and Chairman he had seen, a few new players arrive every season and a few leave always keeping the nucleus of players and improving the squad
Many player have 4 to 6 seasons with the club and have shown a culture of togetherness that survives. This new season is our biggest challenge to date the culture and ethos of being a Bull will be tested, the club doing well is more important than individuals who think they are better than they are.
But the objective is to be dedicated , honest and do the best we can in the new division, good luck to us all
5. Board Member Elections

The following was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed
Chairman=Tony Short, Secretary= Steven Howarth, Finance Director = Christine Edwardson, Team Manager= Keith Thompson, Head Coach = Peter Wells, Club Captain = David Short, Player’s Rep= Rob Woods

6. Treasurers Report;
ADS on behalf of CE (On Holiday)presented the financial Balance sheet submitted 31st May 2015,
Showing opening balance of £1,607.76 - as of 01/08/2014.
Showing closing balance of £2,502.36 as of 31/05/2015
Bank Statement 06/08/2015 shows £2,522.86,
ADS observed we had £1,607.76. before the Peter Beardsley Dinner, which show how quick running costs
ADS reported the club to be viable to complete this season subject to good budget management, payment by player’s season fee and some good fund raising functions etc.

Board Finance Rule;
ADS reported CE suggests the Board need some Financial Instructions on procurement. After Discussion with all it was agreed, any purchase over £250 will need approved by 3 other board members + Plus the Dof
Any Purchase over £500.00 will need full Board Approval
Action: All board members to strive to support and drive for more income events and opportunities
Action: Need to generate at least £5,200, to maintain Northern Alliance league status, on average 4 to 5 clubs each season have resigned and folded.

Player’s Season Fee;
No Players Subscriptions at LBFC. Training costs and match fees will be covered by the club and Player’s annual Fee of £60 per player per season. On payment in full of the fee, each player will be supplied with his own personal Track Suit Jacket, Training Top, Shorts & socks

New strips 2015/16 –it is proposed a new all blue away strip is purchased as current one is 5 yrs. old and a new set would protect the very expensive ‘Orange set.-it was agreed by majority and approved by the Board subject to affordability report of DoF

All the Board


7. Manager Report;
Presented by PW (KT on Holiday) reported we finished 4th top of the league and where promoted to Div. 1 Northern Alliance League. PW said that the squad had 41 signed on players as of today 6/8/15. The quality has improved in most areas with about 20 quality players and the remainder of the squad capable off covering, injuries, suspension and missing etc. PW thinks if the best team players turn up all the time, we could be a surprise team.
A Board discussion took place as our predicted targets for the season;

Action; Finish 9th or above in Div 1 NAL
Action: Failure will be Relegation
Action; win one of the four (4) cups

ADS Congratulated KT, players and staff on behalf of the club for a job well done in achieving another promotion.



8. Secretary’s Report;

SH raised process for paying fines, which he will take up with CE.
SH reported that Team Sheets and match results now have to be submitted on-line. ADS said he did not trust any online NAL system, last year the new system cost us 9 points.
Action: It was agreed that SH, KT & PW make sure they all fully understand how it work and not make any mistakes.

Sponsorship - ADS has confirmed that he wishes to remain as LBFC's main sponsor for the 2015/16 season but ADS also proposed that we look for other smaller sponsors for this season. A contract has been signed by SH on behalf of the Club,

Player’s and staff rules and code of conduct-
The existing documented was amended to cover new £60 player’s season fee and £2.00 instant fines for= Obscene and foul language, Failure to wear official LBFC Kit on match day and dirty boots

Web page - currently remains up to date through the hard work of Tony Short but is looking for new blood to help




9. Fund Raising Events;
General Discussions about social fund raising events took place, as usual at AGM’s many blue sky thinking but no volunteers to achieve their verbals.
All told to submit their ideas to the formally to the Board with a plan of achievement.

8. Any Other business

9. Meeting Closed 8.27pm
10. Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 6th October 2015. 7pm;
Venue Chair’s Residence