All players, team managers, assistants, coaches and staff are required to abide by the following rules and regulations of Longbenton Football Club. These rules are approved by the Football Club’s Board and governs: the payment by players of match & training fees; the attendance and behaviour of players, managers, assistants & coaches during matches & training ; the high standard of conduct expected by everyone connected with the Club and the disciplinary procedures of the Board in dealing with breaches of the rules.

1.0 Players’ Membership

To become a playing member of the club you must:
1. Complete a Club registration form to the satisfaction of the Club Secretary.
2. Sign Longbentons Rules, Regulations and Codes of Conduct form which confirms you have read, understood and agreed to abide by the rules as set forth by Longbenton FC
3, Have no arrears of any kind owed to the club

2.0 Club Fees

2.1 Registration fee - there is currently no Registration fees at Longbenton FC

2.2 Training & match fees

Training costs and match fees will be covered by the club and Player annual fee of £60 per player per season. On payment in full of the fee, each player will be supplied with his own personal Track Suit, Training Top, Shorts & socks

If any part of the training and match fees or FA booking/sending off fines remain unpaid for more than one month after the due date (unless prior agreement has been made with either the manager or the treasurer) then the manager will have to suspending said player from all subsequent matches until the outstanding debt has been paid in full.

3.0 Players Code of Conduct

As a player you should at all times;

3.1. Always play to the best of your ability and within the spirit and laws of the game.
3.2. Always accept the referee’s/officials’ decisions without any adverse comment and without showing any form of dissent. They will not change once it
3.3. Show ‘Respect’
(a) Never use inappropriate, foul, abusive or obscene language especially directed at match officials; opposition players or management; your team-mates or manager, assistant & coach; spectators; or (Residents at home games)
(b) Never make any remarks to match officials; opposition players or management; your team-mates or manager, assistant & coach; spectators; or (Residents at home games) which may are discriminatory on the grounds of, sexual orientation, racial origin, nationality, religious beliefs, ability, disability or economic status
3.4. Avoid any ‘Conduct’ unbecoming a Longbenton FC Player or member of staff at all time
3.5, Avoid all forms of unacceptable gamesmanship and time wasting.
3.6. Avoid all violent and dangerous play.
3.7. Always abide by the instructions of your team manager, assistant & coach provided they do not contradict the spirit of this code.
3.8, Respect and take responsibility to prevent damage or loss to Club balls and other equipment etc.
3.9, this list is not exhaustive

In addition players’ should:

3.10. Inform your team manager as far as possible in advance that you are unavailable for selection for a match.
3.11. Arrive at match venues no later than 2 hours’ before kick off (unless by arrangement with your team manager).
3.12, On Match Day You ‘must’ wear on a Longbenton FC official Jacket, Track Suit, Training Top, T Shirt etc – Failure to do so will incur a £2 fine
3.13. Be appropriately dressed for a match in the team shirt, shorts and socks (with clean boots) provided by the Club. Failure to do so will incur a £2 fine
3.14. Always wear shin pads. If you do not, your manager is instructed to exclude you from a match.

4. Training

4.1. Training is compulsory, all players must attend all training sessions unless you have advised your team manager in advance that you are unable to do so and your excuses has been accepted by the Manager or a member of the Coaching Staff,
4.2. You must turn up appropriately dressed and in good time for the start of a training session.
4.3. Always wear shin pads. If you do not your manager is instructed to exclude you from any contact sessions during training.
4.4. Pay attention to the coach/manager and never talk whilst they are giving instructions.
4.5. Be prepared to learn and to concentrate fully during training.
4.6. Treat your team-mates and manager, assistant and coach with respect.

Internet Propaganda

1. Never publicise or advocate the publication of any defamatory statement/s against the club in any online forum or social networking site.
Any player in breach of these conditions will be fined using Longbenton internal disciplinary procedure; said player/s will also appear in front of the board and an additional punishment will be levied against them.

2. Any player who persistently breaches any of the above rules shall be liable to suspension from matches by the Management Committee.

5.0 Managers, Assistants & Coaches Code of Conduct

Team Managers/Assistants / Coaches shall be appointed each season by the Chairman and the Board, they are bound by the Club Rules, Regulations & codes of conduct.

As a Team Manager you should:

5.1. Agree a team playing policy with the Club at the start of each season and obtain all players acceptance to abiding by that policy.
5.2. Always have a contact number with you at a match or training event for all your players.
5.4. Inform players of the precise address where a match or training event is taking place & what time it starts and finishes
5.5. Ensure the well being and safety of every player above all other considerations.
5.6. Respect the rights, dignity, worth and opinions of all players as well as officials and the opposition.
5.7. Develop an appropriate working relationship with each player based on mutual trust and respect.
5.8. At the outset clarify with each player exactly what is expected of them & also what they are entitled to expect from you.
5.9. Encourage and guide players to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.
5.10. By your own example encourage players and spectators to at all times accept match officials decisions without comment and without showing any form of dissent.
5.11. Always promote the positive aspects of football and never condone: violations of the laws or spirit of the game; any form of violent or dangerous play; any form of gamesmanship or time wasting.
5.12. Make every effort to promote harmonious relations with opposition players, management and spectators.
5.13. Help the players to recognise good performance and not just good results.
5.14. Advise the Club if any approach is made to you by another club who wish to offer one of your players a trial or transfer.
5.15. Advise the Secretary within 24 hours of any sending off or caution incurred by any of your players.
5.16. Respond promptly to all requests and instructions from the Club Officers or Management Committee.

You should never:

5.17. Use inappropriate, foul or abusive language or tolerate such language from players, parents or guardians or spectators.
5.18. Discriminate against any player or spectator (including from opposition teams) by reason of gender, sexual orientation, racial origin, nationality, religious beliefs, ability, disability or economic status.
5.19. Permit the harassment or bullying of a player by any assistant, coach, other adult or fellow player.

5.20 Team managers, assistants and coaches who fail to abide by this code of conduct shall be suspended from their position forthwith and instructed to appear before the Board who shall have the ultimate sanction to remove that party from their post and permanently exclude them from the club.

6.0 Internal Discipline Procedure


6.1. The Club fully expects all players to set and maintain a high level of good conduct and behaviour, both on and off the field of play. The Club will run its own internal disciplinary procedure, in addition to those set by relevant football association.

6.2. On receipt of notification of any caution or sending off either reported by the manager to the secretary or by the relevant county association, the Discipline Committee of the Board will discuss any caution or sending off at the earliest opportunity, and will then decide whether or not to implement the Club’s Internal Disciplinary Procedure. They will take into account the referees report, the version of the events reported by the player, his parent/guardian and manager and also the manager’s desired response regarding a formal appeal.

6.3. If a manager, player wish to appeal against a caution or sending off they must notify the Club Secretary within 7 days of the offence taking place. Then, provided the Management Committee support their request, the Club Secretary will lodge an appeal on behalf of the player.
6.4. The club’s own disciplinary policy is to impose the sanctions and fines which, will be at the Management’s discretion, can may be imposed to run concurrently or in addition to any FA impositions:
6.5 The club disciplinary committee will consist of the members of the Board and be at least the Chairman, Club Secretary, Team Manager or their nominated deputy, plus if available any one players rep or club captain
6.6 Any Player sent off twice in a season for violent conduct or decent will be summoned to appear before Disciplinary Committee
6.7 Any Player issued 5 yellow card caution in a season for violent conduct or decent will be summoned to appear before Disciplinary Committee
6.8. The Disciplinary Committee will discuss any caution or sending off or other breach of these rules at the earliest opportunity, and will then decide whether or not to implement the Club’s Internal Disciplinary Procedure, taking into account the player’s intention regarding formal appeal. The player and manager will be asked to offer their version of the events.
6.9 The Disciplinary Committee have the authority, depending on the facts and seriousness the case to;
(a) Summarily Dismiss or expel from the club any player or member of staff
(b) Fine any Player or member of staff up to a maximum of £40.00 + Costs and compensation
(c) Suspend any player for up to 3 weeks maximum (excluding para 2.2 above)
(d) On the spot fine any player up to £2.00 for Swearing loudly during matches

Manager, assistant, coach

6.10. Failure by any manager, assistant or coach to respond within 7 days to a request or an instruction of the Committee will leave that party liable to automatic suspension by the club until such time as the instruction or request is complied with or the Committee has met with that party to resolve the issue. The Committee reserves the right to suspend any player, manager, assistant or coach who fails to comply with the instructions of the committee in so far as they relate to a breach of Club rules, regulations or codes of conduct.

6.11. The Disciplinary Committee reserves the ultimate sanction of permanently suspending any team or manager, assistant or coach who consistently breaches the clubs rules, regulations & codes of conduct.

By Order of the Board
August 2015