Sat 01
Abingdon Vale 2
2nd Team
Comfortable Win at Abingdon

Comfortable Win at Abingdon

By Lee Beesley
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Captain Laura Sandy Leads From The Front

A summer afternoon by the river Thames was the setting for the 2s this week at Abingdon. Without Matty Wareham, Laura Sandy took charge. And it has to be said she had a dream debut as captain. Abingdon won the toss and chose to bat. This was to be a huge error. The ball did plenty for the first 20 overs only and Laura in particular took full advantage. Swing was her weapon and six wickets was her reward in a devastating burst. Pete Toovey, Huw Robinson, Yogesh Mistry and Lee Beesley all played supporting roles as it was captain fantastic who destroyed our hosts and 151 was the total posted. One stunning stumping by Paul Young and a couple of catches by yours truly were a factor also. Tea was taken and Hendo left a little for the rest of us.. Swamp and Hersh opened and again got us off to a solid start. Hersh fell, then Pip followed. Then Rocky played a little cameo in a style only he can exercise. He was bizarrely given out, run out when observers all thought he was clearly in. Anyone who knows Rocky knows Abingdon is his favourite away ground. His 'anyone for tiffin' gags are now LMCC folklore. Youngy joined Swamp and during this partnership we began to talk nonsense. Rocky and Huw had already discussed recent events at Westminster and we had discussed the entire script of Carry on Up the Khyber with some amusement. We then witnessed Youngy stroking the ball around and a cry of "good shot Young man" was followed by us linking that to the YMCA lyrics and we reckoned Swamp would have been a good addition to the Village People pop group. However Pete was adamant Swamp would not be suitable. The reason is, his lack of body hair, this caused raucous laughter obviously Swamp knew nothing out in the middle and he got his second fifty of the season. He was out for 58 and his long slow, very slow departure was again memorable. Youngy began to time the ball as he can and he and Hendo got us home with many overs to spare. A cracking win, we do need to focus on our time management. We would habe been in bother if we had not bowled out Abingdon as we were 14 minutes behind the clock. We need to come up with a method of eliminating this issue as it really limits a captains options at the death if you are behind the clock. E will strive for further improvement and we have more to offer for sure. The Legend, Helen Moore was with us again and our thanks to you Helen. Well done all, particularly Laura and Swamp
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