Teams for club trial (Saturday 06/09/13)

Teams for club trial (Saturday 06/09/13)

By Scott Pears
6 September 2013
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The starting teams for the club trial game are below. Players who are not included in the starting teams will act as substitutes for both teams.

Meet at 1200, with 1300 kick-off. The game will be played in 20 minute quarters.

Number 1's are to be worn after the game.

After the game the Vets are playing Shepshed (1500 KO) and all players are encouraged to stay down, have a drink and cheer them on as they lumber round the field.

We'll then head into town for a few more drinks and celebrate Squires turning 20 (he's asked for a special tasty drink to be made for him).

L. Gunton,
A. Salmon,
E. Bartlett,
J. Grice,
S. Pears,
C. Idehen,
A. Price,
G. Bottomley,
D. Hatjiosif,
M. Fisher,
S. Sands,
A. Brown,
J. Brind,
S. Stefanescu,
P. Shaw.

J. Squires,
J. Percival,
T. Litchfield,
J. Sedgewicj,
N. Parker,
M. Sullivan,
J. Elliot,
M. Nurse,
L. Heaney,
L. Waters,
J. Chomik,
L. Flack,
R. Kearton,
C. Smith,
M. Turner.

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