Sun 24
Boro lose tight game to Vipers

Boro lose tight game to Vipers

By Julie Mead
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Boro lose tight game to Vipers

The game started in foggy conditions and the spectators were barely able to see the play on the opposite side of the pitch.

Boro started the game well pressurising Vipers attack. Following a lineout, Boro turned the ball over from a Vipers maul and passed the ball down the line. Dan Abell forced a knock on with a touchline tackle. The Boro scrum was not as strong as it has been in recent weeks, and Vipers took advantage with more than one turnover of the ball in the scrum. George Peck kicked the ball and gave good chase, forcing another knock on, but Boro were unable to take advantage at the scrum as the ball was once again turned over.
Boro were awarded a penalty, but Tom McLeod missed touch and Vipers set off on an attacking run – Boro infringed and Vipers were awarded a penalty. Boro put pressure on the line out and forced another knock on, the ball was turned over in the resulting play and Vipers kicked the ball towards the Boro try line, Luke Statham did a good job of tracking the ball and dotting it down over the try line for a 22 drop out.
The chase from the kick off resulted in Dan Abell being penalised for a tip tackle on a Vipers player who was fortunately not injured . Despite the efforts of Chris Halford, who attempted to tap the ball back into play, but his foot was on the touchline, resulted in a Vipers line out. The ball was once again knocked on from the line out and the Ref blew the whistle for Half Time. A good competitive performance from Boro.

Boro were penalised for a high tackle sooner after kick off. Boro turned the ball over at the line out and a good run from Dan Abell resulted in a penalty for Boro. The 5m lineout saw Jack taking the ball into the tackle and Cye picking up from the ruck and crossing the line for the first try of the game. Tom missed the conversion.

From the kick off, Jack gathered the ball and had a good run up the pitch. Vipers were penalised at the breakdown which resulted in a penalty for Boro. From the lineout, the ball was turned over and Vipers put together several phases which ended in their big ball carrier going under the posts for Vipers’ first converted try. Score 5 – 7.
Vipers received the kick off and from Boro’s pressure, a penalty was awarded. Boro turned down the kick at goal option, and pressed for a try, opting for the tap and go, but Vipers pressure forced a knock on. Boro put Vipers under pressure resulting in Vipers taking the ball over the try line so a 5m scrum was awarded. As seemed to be the story of the game, Vipers came out with the ball again and kicked up the pitch. Vipers chased, and following several phases of play with some missed Boro tackling,and little time left on the clock, Vipers ran in for their second try of the game. This was not converted. Final score : 5 – 12.

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Sun 24, Feb 2019