Stream Maidenhead United v Bromley from your home

Stream Maidenhead United v Bromley from your home

By Grace Scott
18 November 2020
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See below for the full details of Saturday's streaming service.

Click HERE to purchase your match pass for this fixture.

Please read the information below carefully before watching and accessing the streaming service. The details will be able to help you maximise your viewing experience.

Important notes:
- Your individual internet speed will affect the quality of the streaming service, which may lead to buffering or decreased picture quality. To avoid this, we recommend refreshing the page and ensuring optimum internet quality by limiting devices on the system whilst watching the stream.

- We stress to supporters that your account details and access to the streaming site is only permitted on ONE device.

- Should you experience any problems with your activation codes or purchasing your live stream code then please contact Sasha on or call on 01628 636314

How can you watch the stream?

If your laptop has an HDMI output, or if you have an HDMI adapter for your tablet device, you can simply connect an HDMI cable to your TV. We recommend this method of viewing from laptops or tablets.

Screen Share
Some devices & TVs will already have the capability to share your screen from your mobile/tablet to your TV.

An example of this would be Apple's AirPlay function if you have an Apple TV device. Similarly, using Chromecast with a compatible device.

TV Web Browser
Your smart TV, or console, might have a web browser that will allow you to access the site and watch the stream. Please note you may have issues connecting onto a smart TV unless you have a web browser or a flash driver. The live streaming isn’t compatible to be streamed on a PS4.

Specific details depending on how you purchased the stream

If you are pre-purchasing the ticket, you will be sent an email to the address you used to buy it with. This will contain a link to the video, as well as a passcode needed to access the video. If you are purchasing the ticket to enter the stream immediately, you will be entered into the stream.

The PPV ticket is for the device (and browser) the purchase was made on, and a small ‘Cookie’ (computer file) will be saved to your computer (subject to you accepting cookies in your internet settings). This will be used by the Stream Platform to authenticate you if you have pre-purchased, or you close the stream down and then re-open it.

In the event of the Cookie not being present or you use a different device/browser, the system will issue you with an authentication code. This will be emailed to the address used originally to purchase the ticket. You will need to enter this code to gain access, and the stream will stop on the original device.

Please check Spam folders if you do not get the ticket (can take up to 1 minute to be generated).

Contact Sasha on if you have not received your code.

Season Ticket
Your Passcode will be advised to you. This is designed for 1 device only, and cannot be used on 2 devices at the same time. The first time you use the password, it will be assigned to the device/browser. The system will also request an email address, which will be used to send any further authentication codes to. A small ‘Cookie’ (computer file) will be saved to your computer (subject to you accepting cookies in your internet settings). If you need to change devices either for that game or subsequent matches, then once you enter your code, the system will generate an authentication email (sent to the email address originally used when you first used that password). By entering this code into the device, this then authorises that machine. The stream will stop on the old device.

Please check Spam folders if you do not get the ticket (can take up to 1 minute to be generated). If you change email address after you have used it, you will need to advise us, so we can amend the Platform’s records. Otherwise your authentication advise will go to an old email address, and we will not be able to alter that during a match.


Can I watch the stream later in the day?
We are unable to allow replays of the stream after the full time whistle due to an embargo in place for league matches, which prevents the club using any match footage until 12.01am on Monday for Saturday matches and 10pm the following day for midweek matches.

Can I watch the stream if I live abroad?
Yes, there's no restrictions in place to prevent the club from streaming matches to other countries. The exception to this will be if we are showing FA Cup matches, which is limited to viewings within the UK only.

Can I watch the stream on more than one device at a time?
Your account is limited to one device. Do not attempt to use your account on multiple devices, you will encounter issues and the stream will not work as a result.

Will there be commentary?
Our matches will have full match commentary courtesy of Maidenhead United.

Will match highlights still be provided?
Standard highlights will continue to be available through our YouTube channel and posted on our social media platforms, subject to the embargo.

Which matches will you be covering?
As it currently stands we will be able to stream every home league match, with the exception of matches chosen for live coverage on BT Sport. FA Cup matches at home will be possible if both teams agree.

What time will coverage start?
We aim for the stream to begin around 15 minutes before kick-off.

Can my business have an advert on the stream or sponsor the match?
There are numerous sponsorship and advertising opportunities the live stream can provide and if you would like to discuss this please email

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