Women's Football | Digital archive announced

Women's Football | Digital archive announced

By York Road PA
2 June
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FA backs plans to create English Women's Football Archive

The history of the women’s game in England is set to be brought to life for the
first time thanks to an innovative digital archive project which will create a new
virtual exhibition, celebrating historic moments in the development of women’s

The English Women’s Football Archive project (EWFA), which has the backing
of The FA, will catalogue artefacts, photographs and memorabilia in digital
format and use video and audio voiceovers to bring to life to the history and
stories behind each item.

The virtual exhibition will be housed entirely online and free to access,
allowing the EWFA to tell the story of the women’s game on a greater scale
and to a wider audience than ever before.

The EWFA and The FA are now asking fans, players, coaches and
administrators of the game to contact the archiving team if they have any
items which could be of interest for the project.

Dave Bowler, the EWFA’s coordinator, said: “This is not only a very exciting
project it is essential, ensuring the development of the women’s game in
England is comprehensively recorded as an integral part of this country’s
incredible footballing and cultural heritage.

“As we are all currently spending considerably more time at home, now is the
perfect time for fans, current and former players, coaches and administrators
to check their attics, cupboards and storage for anything they think may make
an important contribution to our archive.

“Rest assured that as this project will create a virtual museum we are not
asking anyone to relinquish their treasured items. In the first instance, all we
ask is that we receive a photo or video of items that could be of historical

“Whilst not every item will necessarily be included in the archive, even those
items that may appear humble could, in fact, be vital in helping us chart the
history of women’s football. All items selected for inclusion in the project will
be professionally photographed or filmed by our archiving team in due course.

“We are also equally keen to hear contributor’s anecdotes, memories and
opinions which can help breathe life and meaning into the items we display
and we look forward to unearthing some fascinating, insightful stories.”
Sue Campbell, The FA’s director of women’s football said: “This is a vitally
important project that we are proud to support. A public archive celebrating
the development of the women’s game and the incredible change and growth
it has witnessed is of immense cultural and sporting value.

“We know that many people have dedicated considerable time and effort over
the years to record the history of the women’s game in England, but to have a
centralised digital resource such as this, charting women’s football from its
roots right through to the present day will be invaluable.”

Gail Newsham, author of ‘In a League of Their Own’, a history of Dick, Kerr
Ladies team, backed the project, saying: “This is a fantastic and exciting
initiative. I am delighted to be able to support The FA and the England
Women’s Football Archive by sharing some of the incredibly rich history of the
early years of women’s football.

“It will give me the opportunity to share - for the very first time - some rare
items relating to the Dick, Kerr Ladies, arguably one of the most important
teams in the history of our game. I can’t wait for everyone to see them!"
If you would like to contribute items or memories for consideration for the
museum, or would like some further information please contact:
dave.bowler@ewfa.org.uk. The closing date for initial submissions is 30 June

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