Goal Keeping Games

Below are some Goal Keeping Games, thanks to Cardiff Raptors Touch Rugby Team for these.

Clap Catch

The players stand in a circle with one player holding a ball.
Players need to have thier weight on the fronts of their feet, feet underneath their shoulders and their hands in the 'gun slinger' position (the goal keeping set position).

The starting player thows the ball to another player.the ball should be easy to catch. The catching player has to clap his or her hands while the ball in is in the air then catch the ball.

If a bad throw is made or the ball is dropped the player has to run back 10 feet / yards and then rejoin the circle.

For older players you can allow 'dummies' so of someone claps that isn't thrown the ball they have to run.

This game is impossible unless you are in the 'set' position.

Source: The fantastic Level 1 Goalkeeping award run by the Welsh Football Trust.

Setup a small pitch with marker cones, a goal at each end. The players can all handle the ball but can't run with it.
They can take a single step as in basketball and netball. The game promotes communication, handling, movement and fun. It gives a lot of keepers a lot of practice at catching under pressure in a short amount of time.