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Tim Holmes
2020 Vision - Who's who at MRC 1 of 12

1. Tim Holmes

Name: Tim Holmes

Roll on the Committee: Chair of Rugby

How did you get involved in Manchester Rugby Club?

Brought my son to play as a 5 year old and offered to coach.

What makes you stay in rugby?
Love the team aspect and how rugby has such a great community. If you play rugby then you can always find friends and have a social group wherever your life may take you.

Biggest achievement/proudest moment in rugby:
Winning the University Rugby League Cup in 1993 for University of Central Lancashire also watching my son play for Lancashire.

Vision for the future of Manchester Rugby Club:
To make it the best amateur Rugby Club in the UK, catering for anyone and everyone.

What do you do away from rugby? Spend time with my family.

Quick fire answers
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite film: The Italian Job (Original)
Professional club supported: Sale Sharks
Who would play you in the film of your life? Kevin Bacon
Pet peeve: People being late
Advice for new players: Play for the fun of it
Advice for those wanting to volunteer: The more you do the greater the reward