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The 250 Club was re-formed in 2005, with the aim of raising Club funds through the membership of all three sections. These funds are to be used on the refurbishment and maintenance of facilities at Grove Park.

A draw is made every month and 6 winners will be drawn.
1st = £100, 2nd = £50, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th = £25 each.

Membership of the Club can be made through the purchase of £5 units (minimum) by Standing Order. Members can purchase additional units in multiples of 5 if they so choose, to increase their chances of winning and as many have done.

Half the monthly income is then distributed in prizes.

Between 2005-2010, over £13,500 has been spent on various projects, involving repairs to the Clubhouse and purchase of equipment.

1. £1,300 - for new Boiler Room roof.
2. £3,500 - on essential repairs to Stewards flat.
3. £500 - to purchase a replacement Deep Fat Fryer.
4. £4,255 - towards cost of complete overhaul of Club's electrical system.
(The Club would have been refused insurance cover, if work not completed).
5. £1624 - to replace with secure doors, storage area under stand.
6. £500 - cost of materials for general maintenance of building and surrounds.

The more members who take part the greater the benefit to our Club's improvements and the MORE prize money to be won.

To become a member of the 250 Club, please complete and return the Standing Order mandate (see separate tab) to:

David H. Gilbert, Club Administrator, 6, Kenilworth Avenue, Handforth, Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 3DP