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The President
International Women's Day 1 of 5

1. The President

Name: Suzanne Morton

What is your role within MRC?

I am the secretary of rugby and have been for the last 14 years. I am also THE Club President. I was honoured to accept this role in November 2020.

Why did you become involved with MRC?

My son had started playing rugby at the club and I wanted to help out and get involved. I enjoyed the community spirit at the club and wanted to become part of it.

Do you consider yourself to be a role model?

Yes I suppose I am a bit of a role model in my role as club president. There are not many women at such a high level in rugby clubs in this country.

How would you encourage other women to get involved with the club or with rugby?

I would encourage anybody to get involved at the club, whether that be playing or volunteering. The sport is known worldwide for its inclusive and respectful nature and this is both at grass roots level and national. If you can get involved, there is always a place for you. The sport is all encompassing no matter what shape, size or ability you have. Being part of a team (whether that be a playing team or committee) is immensely rewarding. When I see smiles on peoples faces at the club and kids enjoying their Sunday’s, I am proud of the part I play in making this happen.

What are your aspirations in terms of female representation for the club?

I suppose my aspirations would be to get more females involved in coaching and playing. Having females involved in coaching at a mini and junior level can only be a positive thing, hopefully encouraging more young girls to play.