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Rugby for All

Rugby for All

By Matt Coglan
1 November
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Join the #RugbyFamily

Has your child been inspired by the Rugby World Cup?
Maybe they want to give it a... TRY...

No matter their experience, age, gender, ability or knowledge we have a team for ALL.

The only thing we look for is ENTHUSIASM

If you're not sure about which age group is appropriate this should help:
Reception-Year 2 - U6/7
Year 3 - U8
Year 4 - U9
Year 5 - U10
Year 6 - U11
Year 7 - U12
Year 8 - U13
Year 9 - U14
Year 10 - U15
Year 11 - U16
6th Form/College - MAKOS (U17/18)

Have a look at the document here to see who to contact for details.


Mini & Junior Rugby contacts

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