Over 50 Spartans attend The Bingham Cup 2018 in Amsterdam

By Yosh Tazaki
8 June 2018
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Over 2300 players & members of Gay & Inclusive rugby clubs assemble from across the globe.

Best wishes to all involved in the Bingham Cup 2018...Look forward to continued close collaboration to promote #RugbyForAll #Solidarity #Respect
World Rugby

International Gay Rugby's biennial, global competition has come a long way since the world’s first gay rugby tournament took place between the Kings Cross Steelers RFC, Manchester Village Spartans RUFC and Washington Renegades Rugby in 2000.

This year the Bingham Cup is being hosted by the Amsterdam Lowlanders in Holland. #BCA18

Along with the explosive growth in gay rugby, this year's Bingham is the largest ever.

There are now 4 Women's and 84 Men's teams competing....
80 Match Balls...
40 Refs..
3 Trophies, 15 Prizes..
30 Changing `rooms..
100 Showers..
8,000 Litres of beer..
7,500 Lunches..
275 Volunteers...
...the list goes on.

The tournament is now estimated to bring worth into the host city well in excess of £5m
Back in 2012, Manchester Village Spartans hosted the cup backed by England Rugby, Local Government and some famous Rugby characters including Ben Cohen and Nigel Owens.

Over 50 Spartans have travelled out to Amsterdam this week creating two tour teams (The Spartans A's and B's) out of our regular 1xv, 2xv and 3xv - allowing lots of newer players to experience this huge event and play some competitive rugby against some excellent teams from across the world.

Watch a little "Good Luck" video message that we kindly received from some of the players, supporters and friends of the club who couldn't get out there in person to support.

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