Sat 02
Rochdale 4
2nd XV
The 2's take the first encouraging step of the season.

The 2's take the first encouraging step of the season.

By Neil Mason
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Success is not always measured in wins and losses. Effort, hard work and resilience are the foundations to building for the long term.

Last season Rochdale put over 100 points past the 2’s in one game. So to lose 59-0 was a small step forward for this group of young and inexperienced rugby players. Even in defeat the 2’s felt a sense of achievement in making Rochdale work hard for their win.

For the 2’s it about realising what success means. Which will not always be winning games this season, but about reducing the score lines and having periods of competing with the opposition. Short term making mistakes will provide opportunities to learn and develop in the longer term plan to improve year on year to establish themselves at this entry level in the league.

The 2’s are at home next week to Aldwinians 4’s

The Village Spartans - More than Rugby!

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Match date

Sat 02, Sep 2017




Division 5 East

League position

Rochdale 4
Village Spartans 2