MUFC Fund Raisers

3 Match Pool Rules

The Mangotsfield United FC 3 Match Pool tickets are available at £1 each. Generally, the 3 matches will be from the recognised schedule of Saturday fixtures. This will however be subject to change at the club’s discretion.

It will be a weekly draw during the duration of the non-league season. There will therefore be about 40 draws per season. In the event of a match being postponed or a fixture being brought forward prior to the Saturday 3pm kick off then fixture number one on the pools coupon will be used. Should two chosen games be postponed then pools fixture number 2 shall be used.

The score on 90 minutes counts in the event that a cup game is selected. If a match is abandoned, then the score on abandonment counts.

There will be a guaranteed prize of £50 per week to the ticket with 3 correct scores. If there is more than one winner, the prize will be equally shared.

In the event that there is no winner, the prize money will be carried forward and added to the following week’s prize fund, until won.

All entries must be received at Mangotsfield United FC, Cossham Street, BS16 9EN, one hour prior to kick off of the first match. The promoter must be possession of the top copy of the form for the entry to be deemed valid. It is the responsibility of the entrant or agent to claim the prize themselves within a fourteen-day period of all the matches being played.

In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Chairman of Mangotsfield United FC will be final. All disputes should be directed to: Commercial Manager Calvin Monelle, on 07799 433 659.

Mangotsfield United FC Three Match Pool is registered under section five of the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976.


MUSC (2009) '50 Club' Application Form