Mini & Junior Registration

Mini & Junior Registration

Rugby's Core Values

[centre]Teamwork Discipline Respect Sportsmanship Enjoyment[/centre]

  • Encourage young people to play.
  • Acknowledge effort and good performance rather than ‘to win at all costs’.
  • Show appreciation of good play by both our players and our opponents’.
  • Match officials are volunteers providing an opportunity for players to play rugby - respect their decisions even if they make mistakes.
  • Respect players, coaches, officials and other spectators and never verbally abuse them.

We need at all times to behave in the best traditions of this sport, respect opponents, officials and each other and most importantly let the kids enjoy themselves both when winning and when losing. We all celebrate how rugby is different to other sports in the way it is played and also supported. Let’s keep it that way and have MHRUFC correctly recognised for the great community club it is.

To help reinforce this please can I ask that you together with your child/children read the MHRUFC M&J Policy of Best Practice (Codes of Conduct) whether as a player, spectator, parent or coach?

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MHRUFC M&J Policy of Best Practice (Codes of Conduct)