Membership Secretary & Fixture Secretary Required

Membership Secretary & Fixture Secretary Required

By MHC Communications
23rd May 2018
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Step up and help the club

Membership Secretary;

As you know Caroline Smith has done an amazing job managing our entire membership of over 600. Sadly Caroline is stepping down and we are looking for someone to join the MHC Management Team to fill this vacant role

The Job Description is attached and the good news is:

(1) With the new Pitchero website & functionality all members will pay online so this will be easy to track and much easier to manage

(2) We are splitting the role into 3 parts:
Minis (5-10) - approx. 200. Annie Corbett has agreed to take on this role
Juniors (11 - 18) approx. 240. Vacant
Seniors (19+) approx. 160. Vacant

Fixture Secretary:

Hils has also done an incredible job with fixtures, pitches and umpires. As we have grown this has become too large a role for 1 person. We therefore plan to split the work into 2 positions

(1) Umpire Secretary - which Hils will continue to do

(2) Fixtures Secretary. Vacant. Hils will work with the new person throughout next season

Our AGM is on Thursday June 7th and we would welcome interested members before then

Please contact for further details.


Membership Secretary 2018

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