About Rugby

Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. Many people are familiar with rugby as a fringe sport, but you may be surprised to learn that it is actually the second most popular sport in the world behind soccer. In fact, in Europe, Australia and South Africa, the teams and players are elevated to a star status that exceeds that of NFL players in the United States! Many teams fill 80,000 seat stadiums for international match play.

The allure of rugby is easy to understand yet hard to explain. Who can’t appreciate the toughness required to play a fast-paced, hard- hitting game that is 80 minutes long with no timeouts and only a 5- minute half time! All players play both defense and offense at any given time during a game. And, most appealing is the fact that there is a position for everyone who wants to play – large or thin, short or tall. Above all, rugby is a social sport that praises competition but demands good sportsmanship. As part of the rugby tradition, the home team hosts the visiting team and an after game social, which is filled only with good cheer and camaraderie.
This manual covers all of the basics of the game of rugby. Basic rules, scoring, positions, referee signals, etc. This is a great guide for new players to learn the basics, parents wanting more information or anyone just wanting to learn the basics of the sport of rugby.

Beginners Guide to Rugby

Rugby has a very specific set of rules and scoring system that is recognized internationally. MYRugby follows the same laws of the game. Click below to view an online book of these rules:

World Rugby Laws of the Game 2015

is rugby safe?
The topic of the safety of rugby is brought up quite frequently by parents of players, administrators of schools and others involved in youth rugby.

Here is a paper written by Lyle Micheli, the Vice President of the International Board of Sports Medicine. He wrote this on the topic of the safety of rugby - Is Rugby Safe?