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Code of Conduct

Meden Vale R.F.C. Code of Conduct

27th June 2013.

Meden Vale R.F.C. explanation of terms and wording
Meden Vale R.F.C. Club officers, club committee and coaching staff
Meden Vale R.F.C. club members

Meden Vale R.F.C. Explanation of terms and wording

Meden Vale R.F.C. is a member of The NLD Rugby Union (NLD) and the Rugby Football Union (RFU). Meden Vale R.F.C. is bound by the laws and conditions of the NLD and the RFU. Meden Vale R.F.C. and its members must comply with the terms and conditions including any codes of conduct of either the NLD or its parent body, i.e The RFU.

Player. Any player representing Meden Vale R.F.C.
Official. A registered member acting in the role of a captain, coach or rugby manager
Committee Member. A member of Meden Vale R.F.C. elected at an AGM, specially convened meeting or appointed to a vacant committee position by the committee.
Club Officer. A member of Meden Vale R.F.C. elected at an AGM to the role of, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, President, Treasurer, Secretary, Match Secretary, Press Officer, Fixture secretary, or any other such post as decided by an AGM.
Match Official. A Referee appointed to officiate at a match as either a referee, touch judge or referee assessor. A Match Official may also be a member of Meden Vale R.F.C. or any other club, appointed by a club to fulfill the role of a referee or touch judge.
Registration. All people seeking to play rugby with Meden Vale R.F.C. must be registered to play with Meden Vale R.F.C. via the RFU registration form.
Financial. All registered players of Meden Vale R.F.C. must pay all subscription fees agreed by the committee. Under the terms of incorporation until all fees and monies owing are paid, that person will not be considered a member of Meden Vale R.F.C. All fees are due by the date agreed by the committee.
Code of Conduct. This is a document stating what players and members of Meden Vale R.F.C. can reasonably expect from the club officers, committee and officials in the execution of their duty to Meden Vale R.F.C. members. It also states what is a minimum expectation of the individual player and or member, in respects to behaviour, attendance, adherence to committee decisions and fulfillment of duties as decided by the committee.

Meden Vale R.F.C. Club officers, committee and officials

The club officers, committee and officials shall expect that a player will;

· Pay all fees and monies owing by the date stated in the minutes of Meden Vale R.F.C. AGM.
· Wear the club socks, shorts and shirts whilst playing for Meden Vale R.F.C.
· Carry out set up, pack up, cleaning, water boy and after-match duties when either rostered to do so or if asked at any other time
· Comply with all NLD and / or RFU laws and any codes of conduct
· Adhere to the club selection policy.
· Use the club facilities in compliance with any lease, licensing laws, neighbourhood agreements and terms issued by the committee.
· Abide by any disciplinary decision decided upon by the committee for breach of the code of conduct subject to appeal.
· Not behave in any manner that may reflect poorly upon Meden Vale R.F.C. as a whole or to the financial detriment of Meden Vale R.F.C.

Examples of mis-conduct are:-

· Deliberately causing or attempting to cause injury to any other player, official or spectator .
· Insulting opponents.
· Making remarks to the referee, touch judges or opposition supporters.
· Deliberately feigning injury
· Taking property belonging to members, opponents, their Club or the public
· Publicly criticising the referee via the media
· Playing under the influence of excessive alcohol or the influence of drugs
· Making racial or racist remarks
· Behaving in a way likely to cause offence, loss, injury or damage to any person, Club or organisation or their property while at or travelling to or from any Club or fixture.

All members should accede to all reasonable requests of Club officers, Committee members and officials, or their nominees, made in pursuance of their responsibilities.
The Club will discourage infringement of this code by any member and in respect of any player or member may hold an inquiry into any alleged breach, and suspend or expel from Membership any repeated or serious offender.

Meden Vale R.F.C. Club members

Social Members and players of Meden Vale R.F.C. can reasonably expect that the committee and coaching staff shall ensure that;

· The Rugby club is run in a financial viable manner.
· The facilities are as a minimum maintained in working order.
· All insurances necessary are maintained on behalf of the members.
· All equipment necessary to train for and play Rugby Union is supplied.
· Coaches and support staff with the necessary experience to coach at the appointed level are supplied.
· That medical support staff, to the best of their abilities, are available during matches.
· Players are coached in specific roles by coaches with relevant experience or accreditation.
· Coaches ensure, to the best of their abilities, that water boys, runners, club appointed match officials and reserve players are available during the course of a game.
· The facilities of the rugby club are made available to the members subject to the terms and conditions of any lease, licensing laws, neighbourhood agreements, committee conditions or pre booked functions.
· The committee shall appoint a "Players Representative" to act on behalf of the players wishes.
· They have recourse to appeal any disciplinary decision to the disciplinary committee.

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