Dragons Dream Team 2021 - Part 2

Dragons Dream Team 2021 - Part 2

By Martin Coyd
13 October
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Contenders for a coveted place in the Dragons Dream Team have been shortlisted. Today we reveal the players in contention for The Edge positions


The contenders for the jerseys in the Dragons Dream Team2021 will be revealed over the next week or so and will be considered by the Judging Panel as we close in on The Dragons Awards on Saturday 23 October 2021

To make the Dream Team in 2021 a player will have shown consistently high performance levels throughout the year, starting with our Pre-Season activities in March.

We can always see those who never took a short cut, always made the 'ten', worked hard for team mates, improved their skills and wanted to learn about our great game. We can see who prepared prior to any session, those who worked outside of organised activity, studying the game, getting better, fitter, week after week.

We will recognise ability, skill, hard work, loyalty, ambition and desire and those whose contributions are made because it makes Medway Dragons a better place.

The second group to be revealed is the Edge Players:

The edge players is strong, tough and creative with good footwork and the ability to find space for the outside backs. They do their fare share in defence, backing up the Middles and looking after the wings and half backs in defence.

In todays game, they do a share of the hard yards and then become the target for the creative ball players who are seeking to unlock the opposition defence. Strong carries and deft skills are key characteristics.

Made up of the positions called centre and second row, rugged, strong endurance athletes play here, invariably doing The Full 80.

Medway Dragons Dream Team 2021 Contenders - Edge Players

Mike Bee
Joseva Bennion
Harry Bunyan
Riley Carpenter
Taylor Curtis
Kaine Dimech
Leo Evershed
Kyran Fairclough
Kristofers Immertrejis
Josua Kelataona
Luke Murray
Mason O’Neil
Jack Simpson
Owen Solly
Rhys Gue
Tom Kane
Joe Egan
George Cooke
Trevor Howard
Nick Parkhouse
Pierre Vicart
Callum Roberts
Ashley Banfield
Jordan McParlin

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