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1. Club Covid 19 Policy

Mellor Lacrosse follows our National Governing Body, England Lacrosse Association (ELA) in actively pursuing a safe return to lacrosse, taking sensible steps to protect against the Covid19 virus. This brief document formulates our Covid19 Policy.

Please see for current ELA guidelines, paying particular attention to Code of Conduct, Club Checklist and Mitigating Risks. You will note that both the Club and club members have a duty of care to adhere to the ELA guidelines as we progress towards a full re-opening of club and competitive lacrosse.

The Roadmap Back to Lacrosse Activity tab on the above link illustrates that, by the nature of Covid19, we cannot ensure linear progress forward to a full re-opening. However, we have mitigations for determined risk outlined by the ELA for each Phase of re-opening. We can ensure offering safe and appropriate training by following these guidelines.

To meet our responsibilities, Mellor Lacrosse has compiled a Mellor Lacrosse Covid19 Risk Assessment from which we will derive our 2020-21 club operational strategy. It will be updated if there is a change from our current (Phase 4) operational plan. Our coaches will deliver training following ELA guidelines and all appropriate health and safety mitigation will be, to the best of our ability, set in place.

We plan for effective communication with members, parents, coaches and visiting teams to promote mutual responsibility in staying alert to and controlling the virus while and beyond training/playing/spectating at the Club.

Members agree as part of membership to be bound by our Covid19 Policy. We expect members to adopt the ELA Covid19 Code of Conduct. Our Risk Assessment is available below.


Mellor Lacrosse Covid Risk Assessment