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Under 14s roll on with a win at Brooklands

Under 14s roll on with a win at Brooklands

By Martin Mochan
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Young team up against a depleted Brooklands team with some talented players

A game of four quarters and not four seasons. Saturday’s kids - a full compliment minus Ollie got off to a sloppy start and conceded an early goal but the Saturday sunshine led to shades on the sideline and reductions of layers …. and once the boys had warmed up there was no stopping them.

Sam Simms made some great runs in the first quarter and we look forward to watching him develop. Jamie scored the first goal assisted by Noah then Jamie assisted Jack Royle and the first quarter ended 2-1.

We upped our game from this point and Jack Latham not credited for his first goal last week had another good couple of runs and a great assist to one of Georges’ two or possibly three goals* in this quarter. Alex and Jack Royle also playing with real conviction. Jack R gave a great assist to one of Jamie’s two goals.

The third quarter saw two goals from Joey, two from George and one from Jack Royle. Two assists came from Jamie and one from Joey. The team on the sideline were heard calling “ James Peel, peel!! “ James took quite a blow at one point so is probably nursing an impressive bruise today.

The final quater saw another 2, possibly 3* goals from George and an epic save from Ned.

There was a great full pitch run by Toby and although Josh had a bit of stick trouble early on he never gave up. Will, calm as ever led by example with some great long passes.

Although the final scoreline of 15 - 1 didn’t really do our opponents justice. Their numbers 11 and 17 in particular near gave up. A broken stick stopped play briefly in the second quarter and a few injuries too , but all in all a convincing win by Mellor. This team look really good together.

Special thank to Jake and Alex who played for Brooklands for one quarter each and for Noah and Sam who played in Brooklands defence for two quarters after an injury left them struggling for players.

Well done to the zebra Barlow who reffed his first full match of the season with Nick on the sidelines for the occasional go to moment.

Musical quotes were getting too obscure, but there are three in the first paragraph. Can you spot them ?

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Sat 29, Sep 2018