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1. Safeguarding Statement

Safeguarding Statement
Middlesbrough Rugby Union Football Club believes that rugby union is a sport which is enjoyable and which should have a positive impact on players, both at mini junior and senior levels. It is a sport that should be enjoyed by all young people who wish to take part and it is our intention to provide a climate and environment where young players are protected and kept safe from harm. We will treat all suspicions and allegations of harm or inappropriate behaviour seriously and will respond swiftly and appropriately.
The Club has adopted the guidelines laid down by the RFU and listed below are the key principles that we shall follow when dealing with the welfare of all young players:
  • We shall treat anyone under the age of 18 as a child or young person for the purposes of managing their welfare;
  • We will treat the welfare of all children and young people as paramount;
  • We will ensure that all children and young people, regardless of age, gender, ability, race, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, social status or sexual orientation are able to enjoy the game in an environment safe from abuse of any kind;
  • We recognise that it is the responsibility of child protection professionals to determine whether abuse has taken place but it is everyone's responsibility within the sport of rugby union to report concerns;
  • We will ensure that all suspicions and allegations of abuse are taken seriously and responded to swiftly and dealt with in accordance with our policy and the RFU/RFUW Policies and Procedures;
  • We believe that working in partnership with parents/carers is essential for the protection of all young people;
  • We recognise the roles and responsibilities of statutory agencies in relation to safeguarding young people and promoting their welfare, and are fully committed to complying with the procedures of the Local Safeguarding Children's Boards;
  • We have appointed a Child Safeguarding Officer to ensure that the all procedures are followed; We require all coaches and those involved with mini junior rugby to be checked and cleared by the CRB

[b]Middlesbrough RUFC Safeguarding Officer:

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and Guidance