Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

By Mile Oak Wanderers Web Master
29 April 2022
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An important date for your diaries

Dear Parents and Carers,

As a club committee, we hope this letter finds you all safe and well and with a renewed enjoyment of your child’s football as we complete a relatively uninterrupted season. Whilst our aim was to ensure that football for our wonderful players continued post pandemic, the committee have found the past season or two incredibly challenging to facilitate and whilst we have worked tirelessly to keep football going for our teams, the current situation is not sustainable.

Whilst we have been able to bring a few interested parents to committee meetings we have not been able to fill vacant roles on the board and a number of committee members have indicated that they would be stepping down from the committee this coming season. Your current committee structure is;

Our Club Officials as noted below alongside the vacant positions currently:

  • Chairman: Carl Gendre (Vacant from May 31st)
  • Vice Chairman: Vacant
  • Club Secretary: Vacant
  • Vice Club Secretary: Gary Peck (Vacant from May 31st)
  • Treasurer: Claude Deaud (Vacant from May 31st)
  • Registrations Secretary: Gareth Wellings (Vacant from May 31st)
  • Welfare Officer: Donna Cox
  • Vice Welfare Officer: Vacant
  • Fixtures Secretary: Dwight Heffelfinger (Vacant from May 31st)
  • Minutes Secretary: Vacant
  • Coaches Development Officer: Gary Mansell (Vacant from May 31st)
  • Commercial / Social Secretary: Vacant
  • Kit & Team Wear Officer: Vacant
  • Data Protection Officer: Vacant
  • General Member: Vacant

Mile Oak Wanderers is an incredibly well run youth football club but as you will appreciate this management takes a considerable amount of voluntary time and commitment. With the difficulties the committee are currently facing and the vacant roles that are currently unfilled, a committee meeting was held recently to discuss the next step in our Mile Oak journey. The outcome of this meeting was to make the following proposal to all our members.

Proposal: The committee of Mile Oak Wanderers would like all members to consider and vote upon the merger of Mile Oak Wanderers Youth Football Club with Mile Oak Football Club.
This merger would include the following points;

  • Merger of Mile Oak Wanderers to Mile Oak FC
  • The dissolution of Mile Oak Wanderers as a separate football club
  • All current debts to be paid and all remaining assets transferred to Mile Oak FC for the development of youth football and maintained separately to the adult teams
  • All teams to transfer to Mile Oak FC while continuing to be coached by their current coaching set up
  • Mile Oak FC to provide a full football pathway from youth to adult male and female football teams
  • Committee members wishing to remain are offered a role on the Mile Oak FC committee board
  • All members will be able to apply for a role on the Mile Oak FC committee board – upon a successful vote by Mile Oak FC board members

In addition, the committee feel that we would be able to strengthen the management of both clubs through the combination of longstanding committee members from both clubs sharing their experience and knowledge. This would provide the opportunity to create one football club which will be the hub of the Mile Oak Community.

To assure you, there are no plans for any team to be split up and all coaches will remain with their teams. There will also be a transition period to ensure that all the great work that has been achieved to date continues.

At this stage this is a proposal and will need to be agreed upon by you, our members. The committee have therefore triggered rule 9(c) of the Club Constitution and have provided the minimum notice of 21 days to hold an Emergency General Meeting on Thursday 19th May at 7.30pm at the Mile Oak Pub. This will give members the opportunity to discuss and vote upon the proposal put forward.

At present this is the only proposal put forward with regards to Mile Oak Wanderers. If any member wishes to place any additional proposals, this can be made to the Club Chairman, via email to, no later than 5 days before the date of the EGM. This will allow the committee to update members of new proposals without the need to trigger an additional 21 days notice period. Members will also be welcome to make any proposals in relation to forming a new committee body, which again would be voted upon on Thursday 19th May.

Should you have a questions to put to the committee at the EGM please note that all questions must be provided by email to the Club Chairman not less than 7 days before the meeting (Friday 13th May). The email address you should write to is

Thank you for your time and do please contact myself, your committee or your coaching team if you would like any further details.

Yours in football
Carl Gendre - Chairman
Mile Oak Wanderers

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