Payment, Dues, & Donations

See below for our new payments options for MRFC payments, dues, and donations! Club dues are important sources of revenue for the club and allow us to pay for a variety of things. It is important that these dues are paid in a timely manner for the club to function properly.

It is also important to note that dues are required in order to play.

Venmo is the preferred option for club collection however there are several other methods of payment listed below. For any questions please contact MRFC Treasurer Brad Hoh.

2019 SEASON DUES which include Spring, Fall, AND Lakefront 7s
: $125(Required to play)
2019 SPRING DUES: $75
2019 FALL DUES: $75

**note that it's cheaper to pay for the year up front!!!**

Allow MRFC to pay for:
Field use
Union Dues
Social Events
Trainer fees
Tournament entry fees

SOCIAL/ALUMNI DUES: $50 (For the year - 2019)


Venmo: @Rugby-Player (Write Full Name and Description, for example"dues" in comments)

Paypal/Email :
Hit Ctrl:
(must login to paypal and send money to
email address above)

Check: Milwaukee Rugby Football Club, LTD.

Cash: First/Last Name and Amount on Envelope

Payment Plan: Discuss options with Brad Hoh, Treasurer at: