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1. About The Mississauga Blues

Welcome to the Mississauga Blues Rugby Club.

Founded in 2008 we are committed to excellence in Rugby.

Currently we compete with twelve different teams ranging from Under 10 Co-ed Youth Flag Rugby to Competitive Senior Men and Women teams.

At the heart of our Club is our value for Teamwork, Commitment and Sportsmanship.

Our number one priority as a Rugby Club is to the health and safety of all our Club’s athletes. To that end, The Mississauga Blues Rugby Club boasts the most comprehensive Athletic Therapy program in Ontario! You will find an Athletic Therapist present at the side lines at every training session, match game, home or away, ready to assess and aid a player should the need arise.

Never played rugby? A seasoned veteran? All experience levels are welcome to join the Blues!

We look forward to having you as a member of the Mississauga Blues Rugby Club!