Welcome to our last game of the season and it’s been a long hard one for us this year.

Welcome to our last game of the season and it’s been a long hard one for us this year.

By John O’Brien
30 April 2018
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The weather got the better of us this year as well and the boys this week have played 4 games in a week.

Every game for us has been challenging for us this season and we have lacked those important goals.

The boys who have stuck by the club myself and the club can’t thank you enough and we are all behind you. I think as a supporter you sometimes forget the season has been tough on the lads but the core of players that have stayed with us should be appalled. They did not give up for you and have kept going. It’s hard on them when we lose to. So try and remember that as a supporter of the club.

Football is a game of opinions and we all see something different. But I believe when u are a supporter your support your club and players through thick and thin. The boys see the opinions and it hurts sometimes because we have players that care about Molesey F.C.

We have managed to keep our position in the league but now the work begins to improve and move forward for next season. The league set up will be changing and when this is made public we will also pass this on.

So a big thank you goes to all the first teams lads and management for seeing us through the season. Special thank u to Pete for all his time and efforts. It’s been tough and we know you have done your best.

Pete can not ever be questioned about his support of the club and his enthusiasm for the club. Ahmet has been a breathe of fresh air for the club and boys. It’s been tough on him as he wants us to win also but thank you so much for all your time . Lewy and Chalkes thank you for all your help you have shown the club this season with getting to games training etc. You know we love you both. Thank you.

Chalke plays his 300th game for us today and Dariush his 100th. Something we need to be proud of. Especially Chalke. A true clubman.

The reserves have had a remarkable season and Sean Vik and the lads have worked so hard. Sometimes I don’t think the lads get enough recognition at the club and it’s a shame in a season where the first have fought so hard every single game the reserves have done the same and their results and finishing in the top of the table shows what a great season they have had. Thank you boys. Sean and Vik you two ! It’s such a pleasure to work with you. Nothing is ever to much trouble paperwork etc completed and you never complain thank u for all you do for the club and the help you show me.

DICK our Physio. He may moan he may groan but he has a heart of gold and cares. Even though he would probably say what you going on about !!! We all know Dick !! Thank you for all you do and have a well earned rest.

Our thoughts also should go to Barry who has been missing from us for sometime for a number of reasons. Hopefully we will see him again and he will no doubt make us laugh.

The vets also play a big part in our club. I’m generally here on a Sunday watching them. They have had a good season and some very good winning especially against sides who are younger than them !! Thank you for all your support your show the club. Enjoy your break and your tour.
And now the the match day staff who without we would struggle putting a game on.

Libby and Louise our friendly tea bar staff thank you for all your time and looking after us. And no Libby you can’t leave. Best burgers in the League.

Debbie for the gate. Thank you for welcoming everyone and all you do behind the scenes.

Our match day Boardroom Angels Mark Chloe and Debbie. It’s been fun guys !! Poor Mark does not stand a chance !!!
Rob is a new member of our committee and has been such a help so thank you.

Mark a special thank u for all you do from all of the committee and club. And from me for helping and listening when times are tough.
Janet thank you for all the Sandi x

Katie ..... I don’t think we appreciate how much our little kitten chops does from the programme to the social sites and promoting the club social events staffing etc I’m sure she will tell me I have missed something off. Thank you Katie.

John O’Brien does a never ending job with the website and it’s a thankless task at times. But thank you John for your help you give me and a good website we could not do without you.

Ross and Andy. It’s been tough on them this year with the weather and the pitch. We all think we know better on how the pitch should or should not be and I appreciate how frustrating it is as a player and supporter to why the games have been off but don’t think for a minute Ross and Andy don’t care because you have no idea how much time and effort they put in to get games on. You try spending hours out on the pitch in the cold and wet trying to get rid of standing water and when u think you have won it rains again ! Ross and the committee are fully aware that we have a problem with the pitch and this will be addressed in the close season but please think about the time and effort they have put in and shake their hands!! Thank u both.

Ross I would just like to thank you myself for all you do and the time you give. I know it’s tough running the club and even poor so when you have been unwell but thank you from me specially for all you do and have done.

Fincy thank you for the match reports

And finally to our supporters. It’s been tough but Molesey F.C. is your club don’t give up on us or the boys we are after all the Mole Family.

So everyone enjoy your break we have a few things going on in the close season Carnival live bands etc so don’t stay away.
The new season starts on the 11th of August. We do have work to do around the ground. If you would like to help please see either me or Mark.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if I have forgotten anything or anyone I apologise now.
Have a good summer and see you all in August.


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