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Member Protection Policy

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The ARU's Member Protection Policy reiterates Australian Rugby's commitment to ensuring that every person involved in rugby is treated with respect and dignity, and is safe and protected from harassment, discrimination, bullying, abuse and other unfair or inappropriate conduct.

The Member Protection Policy is comprised of four sections:

  1. Policy statements regarding child protection, taking images of children, anti-discrimination and harassment, sexual relationships, pregnancy and gender identity;
  2. Child Protection Requirements including a summary of relevant state legislation and recommended screening process for those states and territories that do not have specific child protection legislation;
  3. Procedures including step-by-step guide to all dispute resolution procedures: complaints procedure, mediation procedure, child abuse investigation procedure, conduct committee and appeals procedure, and summary of disciplinary measures; and
  4. Reporting documents and forms.

Everyone involved in Rugby should familiarise themselves with the Member Protection Policy and the standards of behaviour expected of all participants.

This summary is not intended as a substitute for reading the policy.

Click on the link at bottom of the page to download the ARU Member Protection Policy (pdf 380kb).

Play by the Rules provides a website of information and online learning about how to prevent and deal with member protection, discrimination, harassment and child abuse for the sport and recreation industry. Play by the Rules is a partnership between the Australian Sports Commission and all State/Territory sport and recreation and anti-discrimination agencies.

Play by the Rules offers free, online training courses for coaches, administrators, referees, and volunteers, as well as, for participants. Clubs are encouraged to complete relavent courses, in addition to reading the ARU's Member Protection Policy.

Click here to visit Play by the Rules.


Member Protection Policy