Moseley defence proves too much for newcomers West Bridgford

Moseley defence proves too much for newcomers West Bridgford

By Clare Bowyer
16 October 2018
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Moseley hold onto the win and climb up to second in the table

It rained, a lot! Then it stopped, so we started playing rugby.

Moseley off to a strong start getting straight into the WB's 22 and we soon found that the opposition were strong in the breakdown and turned the ball over and made a quick break away but were stopped by Ruth (15), which led to a knock on.

Moseley utilised the scrum well against a strong WB pack, the Moseley front row AJ (1), Steph (2), Molly (3) put in a good shove and held their own, Megan (10) fired the ball out to Ruth (15) who made an amazing run but was tackled INCHES from the tryline, luckily Clare (11) was there in support (both physically and morally) and took the ball out of Ruths hands and dived over her to score, simultaneously kneeing Ruth in the face, what a thanks for all that hard work... Conversion missed.

As it was a bit of a crap day it was all about the forwards, Molly (1) and KD (7) boshing players out of the way like flies to make their way up the pitch, Lauren (8) stepping like a back and make line breaks left, right and centre. Sham (4) and Steph (2) making a nuisance of themselves in the breakdowns, and AJ (3) and Nic (6) tackling everything that moves (apart from their own players, AJ learnt her lesson from last season).

Moseley forwards sustained some serious pressure in the middle of the pitch but were dominated in the scrum by WB who fought back and made their way into our 22, another scrum 5 metres from our tryline and WB pushed their pack over to even out the score.

Moseley wanted to continue piling on the pressure to WB but WB had a scrum inside their own half, but the Moseley forwards retaliated well with an amazing scrum and turned over the ball, Mel (9) ran another fantastic line out to pass to Megan (10) who shipped it out to Emma (14), not gonna lie thought she was going to be taken into touch, but she stepped 4 WB players to score in the corner with her incredible pace.

After a messy restart WB maintained possession, some excellent cover tackling from Liss (13), Ruth (15) and Emma (14) lead to a turnover and Megan (10) hoofs the ball downfield and the ref calls halftime.

At the beginning of the second half the police were called as there was a daylight robbery, here's what went down... a clumsy pass from the WB backs lead to a loose ball and Clare (11) kicked the ball and chased, kicked it again to go over the tryline and en route was tackled from behind, after some footballer dramatics Clare was not gifted a penalty or any form of compensation for the efforts. #NextTimeClare

A 22 drop from WB leads to Ruth (15) finding the ball and breaking the line, again, but was unfortunately clotheslined by WB's second row who was swiftly yellow carded.

Emma (14) makes an amazing catch on the edge of the sideline from Megan's (10) crossfield kick, some spectacular skillz.

Some back and forth play, turnovers, penalties, blah blah blah, no more scores again, game ends.

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