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Aisling Annacotty D
U11 MRFC 2008-Green
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U11's Green vs Aisling Annacotty C

U11's Green vs Aisling Annacotty C

By Marie Carroll
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U11's Green Machine starting to find its form.

Monday evening in Newtown Park was a perfect evening for a game of football, this is what summer soccer is about.

You may have heard the term a game of two halves, tonight we had a game of two teams for Mungret Regional. Having a squad of 14 players, we split the team into two squads.

The first half team
1. Oscar V.
2. Paul C.
3. Ronan O'B.
4. Cillian J. (Capt)
5. Charlie C. H.
6. Adam R.
7. Evan O'B

The first few minute both teams took a while to settle, most of the play in the centre of the pitch. A/A were tested our defences five minutes in, Paul C was up for it closing down their winger clearing the ball before for a corner kick. The resulting corner kick hit the cross bar. Ronan O'B with is lethal left foot gave along clearance to Evan O'B. who force the A/A keeper to make a save. Adam R. in midfield made the pitch look small, his speed tracking back defending. Charlie C. H. and Adam R. both hit the goal post. A long clearance by A/A saw Paul C. in a race back on our own goals for the ball between two A/A players. Paul trapped the ball, quick turn and a counter attack saw Evan O'B bearing down on goals with only the keeper to beat, the ball seem to have mind of it's own and went scurrying wide. Cillian J. in midfield cut out A/A passing game, the timing of his tackling was perfect. Our goal keeper Oscar V. two saves which could have seen A/A getting on the score sheet. Charlie C. H. was making great strides on the right wing, loosing his defender each time. Charlie H. got a perfect cross into the on coming Evan who struck this one perfectly, top right corner. (0-1). It was nearly de ja vue when Evan volleyed another ball, but just over. The last ten minutes Adam R. and Cillian were the preventing A/A attack in midfield laying the ball of to Charlie H. who was blazing down the right wing, to the end line bringing the ball along the end line, to strike the ball and such an acute angle through three defenders to score a fantastic goal. (0-2).

Second Half

1. Jamie C.
2. Eoghan C.
3. Darren M.
4. Eoghan Hynes
5. Charlie R.
6. Amhlaoibh B.
7. Jack L.

A total new starting line had Jamie C. in goals back line of Eoghan C. and Darren M. in midfield Eoghan H. Amhlaoibh Charlie R. up front the Jack L. Jack L upfront in the opening minutes was destroying the back line, taken shots from every angle. Darren in central defence, gave us a demonstration of his footballing skills juggling the ball at ease. Charlie R his time on the right wing had a shot saved by the keeper and his second shot hit the goal post. Amhlaoibh's cross to Jack L force the keeper to come and make a punch clearance.
A/A were pinned back in defence by a relentless attack by Mungret Regional. A long clearance by A/A keeper saw Eoghan C strike a rocket of a volley 25 metres out, keeper did well to clear it. Darren M turn next from defence a ball cleared he struck it low and to the left between both sets of players. (0-3)

Darren M. was showed he can score and defend, A/A broke through out defences, their striker was bearing down on goals when Darren cut across took the ball of his feet. Eoghan H in midfield was laying off the ball from midfield to Jack L and Amhlaoibh. Jack L. was so unlucky to have his name score sheet. Ambhaoibh, who's ability to read the game gave us a extra defender when Eoghan C. went up the right wing. His efforts on the pitch were rewarded when he brought the ball up the left wing and brought in to line it up on goals. Low and to the right of the keeper, struck it low beyond his reach. (0-4). Jamie C in goals had a relatively quite, pulled off two fantastic saves, and his kick outs were finding a free player. Last minute of the game, A/A striker struck to give them a goal (1-4).

Great team performance, thanks to Clodagh for the cookies.

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Amhlaoibh Bohane

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