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1. About us

The Foundation was established in October 2006 and given a charitable status the following year. The prime mover behind the creation was Michael Dawson, a life member and former President of the Edinburgh Wanderers Rugby Club.
In the 1970's he intorduced mini rugby to the "Wanderers" and on the opening day there was in excess of two hundred ready and willing youngsters keen to sign up. Need more be said regarding his involvement and commitment to give young people a sporting chance.

The Foundations aims are to enhance life opportunities, well being, healthy living for the local young people, specifically via rugby. This is done by going into schools with a funded Development Officer. Our first Club & Community & Development Officer and longest serving DO has been Stuart Dennis, with Murray Hastie being the current DO.

In addition to the DO, the Club and Trust Foundation have worked (in partnership with the SRU) to employ several SVQ / Modern Apprentices - Scott Lynes, Matt Lynn, Sarah Quick, Andy Thorburn, Jamie Thorburn, Katie Grant, Luke Mancini, Kerr Rutherford and Lachlan Lee. Their collective brief has been to undertake “missionary” work in the local community, primary and secondaty schools and to encourage youngsters to benefit from rugby at Murrayfield Wanderers.