COHDYRL Chairman's Statement

COHDYRL Chairman's Statement

By Des Fox
4 June 2020
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Hi All

Sincerely hope you are all staying Safe & Well.

The latest update from Government and then consequently the RFL about return to activity, is a nice "sound bite", and gives us all hope of another step closer to playing games, but it couldn't be further from the truth.

This was emphasised during the webinar, and possibly the RFL have been put in a position they didn't want to be. We all want to get back to training & playing, but not at a cost so serious are the implications of getting it wrong, not only for us, but others not involved in our game, but will have to deal with its consequences. PROTECT THE NHS etc.

Some of the hoops we are required to jump through are getting permission from ground owners, if you are not the landlord, so schools, council or others need to sanction, otherwise Insurance doesn't cover you. No using public parks/ venues.

The session itself requires all participants to be signed in & out, the session planned prior to ensure progressions and little time to stand and gather, no games, just skill drills or conditioning elements,no contact shields or pads of any description and balls cleaned before, during and post sesion, social distancing and definitely no swapping of groups once session started..

This is due to commence from Monday 7th June, but we are still awaiting further guidance from the RFL on numerous things, like does a first aider count in the number of 6 in the "bubble", protocols for administering treatment in a safe way to all, PPE requirements etc, no dressing rooms or indoor facilities, just toilets.

Ultimately this is each club's management decision to proceed, not individual coaches, as the implications reflect enormously on the clubs and the whole game.

We will try to keep updated as & when we are informed, but please ensure your club understands the enormity of the situation.


Steve Crooks
Chairman COHDYRL

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