Myton Warriors Launch Oneills Online Club Shop

Myton Warriors Launch Oneills Online Club Shop

By Lee James
28 October 2020
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We have today launched on online club shop for all the Myton Warriors Oneills Leisurewear.

This now gives us one place for everyone to view all items available and shop at their convenience.

At present there is an offer on the oneills website for new customers, if you create an account on their website you get 500 reward points and if you go into your account and subscribe to the newsletter you get another 100 points. So that would be £6 off your first order. You can do this more than once if you have multiple family members sign up with their own email address.

Anyways take a look at the link below or click the shop button at the top of the page and see what you think, If anyone has any questions or feedback just let us know. The link can be sent out to parents/players/sponsors etc. Any new items that come out will be added straight on to our shop by Oneills.

Myton Warriors Online Club Shop

There are a few new items added to our range such as Dortmund Pack, Voyager Range which look really nice.
Also a few people have asked about caps in the past, Oneills have now done us one and it is available ONLY via the online shop, again these look really good.
There will be some items only available via bulk order and some only on the online shop due to production minimums.

A few advantages to having the online shop are below:

1: Professional looking online home for all Myton leisurewear
2: Saves us having to send pictures to parents of what is available
3: Myton receive 10% cash back on all online orders each year
4: Facility for people to just order at their own convenience
5: 1-2 week lead time so quicker turnaround than bulk orders
6: if someone misses a bulk order they don’t have to wait months for next order.
7: people can order if they need something for a specific date for a birthday etc.
8: family and friends not local can order things for their Myton family
9: worldwide shipping so family overseas can by Myton items
10: stock is live online so no issues with availability like we sometimes get with bulk orders
11: Some extra items not available on direct bulk orders
12: free delivery on orders over £50
13: shoppers get reward points as they shop for using as money off future orders.

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