AGM Notice - Weds 19 June 2019

AGM Notice - Weds 19 June 2019

By Christine Morrell
29th April
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To: All Voting Members (includes Life, fully paid up, and direct debits) of Newbury Rugby Football Club ...


Notice is again given to all members of Newbury Rugby Football Club
that the Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held

on Wednesday 19 June 2019 at 7.30pm
at The Clubhouse, Monks Lane, Newbury Berks. RG14 7RW

Under Rule 9.1, the purpose of the AGM is for the transaction of the following business:

9.1.1 To consider and approve (with or without amendment) the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on 27 June 2018.
9.1.2 To receive and approve a report from the Committee on the affairs of the Club since the previous Annual General Meeting.
9.1.3 To receive a financial report
9.1.4 To elect the Officers; the President; and the Vice President (9.3) for the ensuing year **
9.1.5 To elect Trustees (9.5) for any positions vacant or becoming vacant **
9.1.6 To confirm any elections of Honorary Members made by the Committee during the preceding year.
9.1.7 To elect Members of the Committee (9.4) for the ensuing year **
9.1.8 Where necessary in law or where the members require: To appoint the Auditors for the ensuing year, or To consider a resolution disapplying the provisions of the Act relating to the obligation to appoint Auditors.
9.1.9 To consider as a special resolution any addition or alteration to these rules duly proposed in accordance with Rule 9.6 *
9.1.10 To consider any other motion or business duly proposed in accordance with Rule 9.6 *
9.1.11 To consider any other business of which due notice shall have been given.
9.1.12 To hear any other relevant matter for the consideration of the Committee during the ensuing year, but on which no voting shall be allowed.

* Any proposals should be submitted in writing to the Secretary 4 weeks prior to the AGM duly proposed by one Member and seconded by another; ie by 22 May.

* The Agenda, including any proposals shall be sent to members not less than 2 weeks prior to the AGM; ie by 05 June.

** Any nominations of candidates for election should be submitted in writing to the Secretary, duly proposed and seconded, together with the written consent of the candidate, no later than 7 days before the AGM; ie by 12 June.

* Amendments to any proposal notified to Members need to be sent in writing to reach the Secretary, duly proposed and seconded at least 24hrs before the start of the AGM; ie by 7.30pm on 18 June. Any amendments duly received will be added to the Agenda by the Chairman at the AGM.

Christine Morrell

On behalf of Newbury RFC Committee
(01 May 2019)

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