Important message from the President ....

Important message from the President ....

By Christine Morrell
25th June
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... inviting you to a meeting on Wednesday 10 July, to look at options to bridge the financial gap.

Dear Member

Good to see many of you at the AGM last Wednesday.

Welcome to the new faces on the Committee and board of Trustees. A special word for Louise Goodall who becomes our first Chairwoman ever at NRFC. Quite a historic landmark and probably one of the very first Chairwomen in the country. I hope we will all give her lots of support at this crucial time in the Club’s history.

From the clear message given at the AGM the Club has to address the cost of maintaining our ‘Rolls Royce’ building…. it’s fantastic but very expensive to run, to the tune of us having to find £120,000 more a year. We are not just running a rugby club; we have to have a business model to run the facility and the current one is not sustainable.

I am therefore asking any members with proposals and vision to come to a meeting. The meeting is ONLY to look at positive financial options to bridge the financial gap; and will be taking place at the Club on Wednesday 10 July at 7.15pm, in the Langdon.

I do not believe that there are not enough contacts, business brains or skills or common sense in this Club to sort this problem. But we need a collective will.

This problem will NOT GO AWAY and you will lose a fantastic opportunity to build on the great efforts on the playing side over the last few years which the players, coaches and managers have created in Men’s and Women’s rugby. At worst you will lose this amazing facility.

It’s an opportunity for you to help!

Steve Gibbs and I will collate the proposals, get a working group to look at viability and to implement a plan as soon as possible before the beginning of the season, with the approval of the Committee and the Trustees.

Please let me know if you are coming so we can work out the format and a brief of your proposal; prior knowledge of any proposal will save time on the night.


Best wishes,

David J.

*** Please contact David directly on this email: ***

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