News Release from AGM  2019

News Release from AGM 2019

By Christine Morrell
25 June
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Following the AGM on 19 June 2019, the Club’s Executive Committee for 2019-20 is:

Chairman - Louise Goodall
Hon Secretary - Christine Morrell
Treasurer - Adam Prickett
Chair Senior Rugby - Dave Moore-Mason
Chair Ladies Rugby - Nicki Gray
Chair Junior Rugby - Chris Smith
Chair Mini Rugby - Alan McDermott
County Rep. - Ralph Grove
Committee - David Gaskell
Committee - Brian Trott
Committee - Sarah Tunstall
Committee - Maria Osborn (co-opted)
Committee - Matt Spencer (co-opted)
Committee - Sarah Thorne (co-opted)

David Jones was re-elected unopposed as President for another year; and Trevor Coles was elected as Vice President for the 1 year term.

In accordance with the Rules, two positions for elected Trustees became vacant for 3 year terms; there also was a balance of a 1 year term where a Trustee had withdrawn from office. Three candidates had been nominated and were duly elected: Michael Brader, Nigel Cripps and Hywel Price-Richards (previously Chairman); who volunteered to take the 1 year term of office rather than there being a ballot.

Members also confirmed the Committee’s election of Hywel Price-Richards as an Honorary Life Member of the Club for his work over the past several years and especially for his effort in actively engaging with all sections of the Club.

The outgoing Chairman presented a report from the Committee covering activities and successes from Senior Men’s through Women’s, Girls and Juniors, to the Mins and Roebucks; and subsequently handed over to the new Chair, Louise Goodall.

Chairman of Trustees, Steve Gibbs, gave a presentation outlining the Trustees’ activities during 2018/19 and recommendations for 2019/20 with respect to proposed organisational restructure, potentially implementing Charitable Incorporated Organisation status and adapting the building to meet commercial needs.

Treasurer, Adam Prickett presented a detailed update of the Club’s current financial position, which although healthier than in the past remains unsustainable.

Other items raised included might it be possible to have a ‘Social member’ supporters category (without voting and International Ticket application rights?); how are Life members nominated?; Coaching across the Club; and potential for specifically targeted Fundraising efforts.

The next scheduled General meeting will be the Financial AGM, to be held before 30 November 2019.

Christine Morrell
22 June 2019

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