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1. Donations and Sponsorships

Since 1978, the Newport News Rugby Football Club has been contributing to the health, fitness, and community spirit of the Hampton Roads area. The impact goes beyond the team's 40+ current members and their families to the high school teams and other organizations that our members support through their outreach and volunteer service. Businesses throughout the area have also benefitted from the team's visibility and achievements. Our partnerships with companies and establishments in the restaurant, retail, service, and other sectors have helped our team to thrive and brought great publicity and attention to our sponsors.

The Newport New Rugby Football Club is about to enter an exciting new era in its history, with an even greater focus on family and community involvement, and we are seeking support from area businesses that share our values and commitment to a healthy and competitive Hampton Roads. Gifts of cash or gifts in kind can help us to draw attention to both our team and local businesses.

Click here if you are a current team member who would like to help us in seeking support.

Click here if you are a Hampton Roads business leader who would like more information about our track record of service and our need for support.