Halloween Fun by Andy Gunn

Halloween Fun by Andy Gunn

By Wayne Harmes
31 October 2015
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The game started at a fast pace with the players running around like headless chickens....

Halloween Fun

Ghoul Town 2-1 Gravesend
United Creepies League
Saturday 31st October 2015
Hellend Road
Kick Off – The Bewitching Hour
Attendance: 666 Spooktators

The game started at a fast pace with the players running around like headless chickens. It was Robin Vampire-sie who squandered the first opportunity when he couldn’t handle Nikita Hellavic’s cross. With the game at a stalemate Ghoul took control with a spirited display and had numerous half chances to break the deadlock. However, it was a Ghoul defensive mistake that gifted the visitor’s the lead when Angle Strangle was dismissed for leaving his foot in.
It wasn’t long before Ghoul equalised when Jake Live-No-More left his marker for dead to provide the perfect pass for Sergio BOOsquets to ghost in to score. Arjen Apple-Bobben came off the bench to treat the crowd to lots of tricks that were out of this world. With ten minutes remaining Mario Ghostze stole the ball from his opposite number who didn’t see him coming, with Ricky Van Werewolfswinkle howling for the ball on the touchline it was a simple task for Bat Le Tissier to score the winner with a flying header. Gravesend almost conjured up a last gasp goal but were denied by Satan Baines who managed to stop a screaming shot on the goal line.

Ghoul Town:
1. Petr Cech Under Your Bed
2. Angel Strangle
3. Satan Baines
4. John Terryfied
5. Rio Murderland
6. Mario Ghostze
7. Jake Live-No-More
8. Sergio BOOsquets
9. Robin Vampire-sie
10. Nikita Hellavic
11. Ricky Van Werewolfswinkle
12. Arjen Apple-Bobben
14. Paul Skulls
15. Bat Le Tissier
16. Mark Voodooka
17. Charles N’Zombie-a

Manager: Louis Van Ghoul
Technical Director: Gerard Ghoulier

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