Team info

U12 Panthers

The U12 Panthers are looking forward to the start of the 19/20 season and their first games in Division One following promotion at the end of the 18/19 season.

The team formed in 2017 with experienced players from a number of successful club teams. Through excellent management and coaching from Zed and John, who both fully embrace and embody the ethos of the FA fair play guidelines, the team quickly came together and developed into a strong unit, with the major emphasis on fun and development of the whole squad.

Having been placed along with all new U10 teams in Division 8 for the 17/18 season, U10 Panthers soon found themselves promoted into Division 2. Playing against established U10 Division 2 teams, the boys stuck to the developing DNA of Panthers, playing a passing game and playing to the final whistle. The team held their own in a Division and season which was hampered by a number of cancellations and postponed matches due to the weather.

The 18/19 U11 season marked the move to 9 a side along with playing the offside rule. The team quickly adapted to the new format and formation running a successful campaign throughout the season earning promotion to Division One for the next season.

For 19/20 U12 season the team are looking forward to the challenges and experience which will come from playing established Division One teams.

The transition from U11 to U12 has seen an early summer at a number of tournaments, before the boys took time off with their summer holidays. September bings the return to training and a few warm up 9 a side matches (including winning the U12 tournament at Kempston) before the new season begins.

For those opposition teams reading this, the Panthers look forward to playing you and you and your supporters will find a team that plays in the spirit of the FA guidelines with a welcoming atmosphere both at NPTFC and from our supporters when playing away