Junior Club Terms & Conditions

Newton Abbot RFC Junior Section
Terms and Conditions

1. Responsibilities of Parents, Coaches, Managers and Helpers
Under guidance from Devon Rugby Football Union, Coaches, Admin Assistants and Helpers cannot take legal responsibility or act in parentis loco for players whose parent or guardian leaves them during a session.

2. Gumshields/Mouthguards
Newton Abbot Junior Section considers gum-shields mandatory and should be obtained as soon as possible. Players will not be allowed to take part in training sessions or matches if not wearing a gum protector/shield unless the parent or guardian specifically accepts the risk of so doing.

3. Protective Equipment
Boots and shin-guards are advised. Boots should be worn in match conditions. All other safety equipment must carry the ‘IRB approved’ label or it will be deemed to breech the IRB standards and will not be allowed to be used.

4. Boot Studs
Studs with jagged edges pose a serious danger to other players particularly in the older age groups where there is more likelihood of players lying on the ground. Only studs conforming to BS6366 1983 or equivalent are allowed. All aluminium studs are acceptable. Studs should be examined regularly to ensure there are no missing studs or rough edges.

5. Severe Weather Clothing
Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring players come adequately equipped to cope with the weather conditions that can occur during the winter months. Additional clothing, gloves, hats and waterproof equipment should be provided by parents or carers.

6. Tetanus Injection
Devon RFU recommends that, if not already done so, mini-rugby players should have a preventative course of tetanus injections.

7. Players Under 6 years old at 1st September in year of joining
Any child of this age who is found without a Parent, Guardian or Carer on the premises will be stopped from training during that session and the matter brought to their parent/guardian’s attention. If repeated the child and parent/guardian will be asked to leave the club for the remainder of the season, with the option of rejoining the following season.

8. Medical Consent
Should a Parent or Guardian not be present when a child suffers an injury then you consent to your child being taken to Hospital and receiving medical treatment if this, in the opinion of a Coach or qualified First Aider, is considered the appropriate action.

9. Welfare of Young Children and Child Safeguarding Policy
In accordance with RFU guidelines, Newton Abbot RFC Junior Section has established a Child Safeguarding Policy. Parents and guardians should be aware of the Clubs’ and RFU’s policy on Safeguarding Children. The clubs Safeguarding Children Policy can be found on the Clubs website at www.pitchero.com/clubs/Newton Abbot/ in the ‘Junior Section’, under the heading ‘Documents’, on the Club Junior Notice Board and is available, on request, by email from plaws@a4e.co.uk. The RFU guidance on The Welfare of Young Children can be found online at by using the following link: http://www.rfu.com/ManagingRugby/SafeguardingChildren/~/media/Files/2011/ManagingRugby/SafeguardingChildren/Safeguarding_policy_050511.ashx In accordance with this guidance, ensure that you employ best practice at all times

10. Management and Coaches
Newton Abbot RFC Junior Section is run by a Management Team consisting of the Officers of the section as per the Minis Constitution. Decisions of the Management Team are final in the operation of the section. Parents, guardians or carers are encouraged to raise any issue with the Officers or the Management Team, which meets monthly. Coaches are to be supported in their leadership of their age group. Any issues regarding a child (health, attendance, etc) should be brought to the Coach’s attention. Coaches have the final say in selection matters and the organisation of the age group. Parents must accept the decisions of Coaches graciously. Any of the Officers may be consulted should a parent have any issue with a coach or the approach of a Coach.

11. Codes of Conduct
Codes of Conduct for Parents, Coaches and Players are published and are to be adhered to by all concerned. Parents are encouraged to discuss the Players Code of Conduct with all children involved in playing. Players, coaches and parents will be reprimanded for breeches of the Codes of Conduct.

12. Fees
Parents or guardians must promptly pay for registration fees and for kit, equipment. Failure to pay registration fees within 4 weeks of a request will lead to the suspension of the family membership to Newton Abbot RFC Junior Section. In cases of difficulty in paying the fees, please consult the Treasurer or Chairman.

13. Club Premises
Parents and guardians are responsible for their children at all times. Specifically all parents, guardians and children must abide by the rules of Newton Abbot Rugby Club. At the former, no one will be allowed into the bar areas in dirty clothing. Changing facilities and showers are available and should be used if a child is to enter the main club area. Entry will be refused at Newton Abbot RFC’s discretion. Whilst on club premises all club members are expected to behave courteously to fellow users of Newton Abbot Rugby Club. A no-smoking policy is to be adhered to in the Clubhouse. Parents and guardians are responsible for their child’s safety on club premises and should acquaint themselves and their child with the out of bounds areas, and hazards, e.g. main road, fenced off equipment area etc.

14. Club Support and Communication
The Junior section is a volunteer organisation. All parents and guardians are expected to support the club by actively participating in the functioning of the club by helping with organising an age group, coaching if qualified, directing traffic, attending recruitment activities at school fairs, organising social events, tour preparation and other activities as requested. Club communication is principally done by email or via letter. Parents must notify the Registration Secretary of any changes to their email, phone number and home address.

15. Data Protection Policy
We are committed to protecting your privacy and security. We will only use the information we collect about you and your child to tell you about Newton Abbot RFC Junior Section and its activities. We will never wilfully disclose personal information about you to any third party without first receiving your permission or unless we are under a legal obligation to do so.

Amended 18 Jan 2012 Phillip Laws, Junior Chairman, NARFC