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4. Eligibility

Visit for more information regarding eligibility. Here's the basic overview:

The following policies and procedures have been developed to ensure fairness and safety for all registered USA Rugby participants. Local Governing Unions may require additional compliance for competition so please verify all eligibility requirements with local administration before starting your season. Follow the links below to access PDFs with more information about eligibility.

In order to practice and/or compete in any rugby-related competition, the following registration conditions must be met:

The club must have a current, paid registration with USA Rugby for the appropriate gender and level of play. Club registration can be confirmed with the presence of a primary contact on a club’s public roster.
Fifteen players must appear on the public roster prior to participation in fifteen-a-side rugby, twelve prior to participation in seven-a-side rugby. All players must have a current, paid registration with USA Rugby and appear on their club’s online roster as a player for the current registration period. Check your club roster and individual registration status via the membership portal.
Each club must have a USA Rugby certified coach with a current, paid registration affiliated to the club. An ‘active’ coaching status on the public roster conveys certification and only active coaches will appear on the public roster. If you already have a paid registration for the current season but would like to add additional roles and levels, you may complete the multiple role form.
All clubs and individuals must follow all USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations as well as all Local Governing Union regulations and procedures.
For all other questions, please visit our support center.

Club (Adult) and Collegiate Policies

☆ USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations
USA Rugby sets minimum eligibility standards that your team must adhere to during all competitive matches. It is your responsibility to review these regulations periodically and ensure that your team is in compliance at all times.

☆ Collegiate Eligibility
USA Rugby announced the new Collegiate Eligibility Regulations on May 25, 2012. The new regulations help clarify terms and vague language evident in the previous regulations.

☆ 2013-2014 Collegiate Player Eligibility Form

☆ 2013-2014 Grandfather Clause: Collegiate Player Eligibility
This form must be completed by your College or University’s Registrar Office prior to competition.

☆ 2013-2014 Collegiate Waiver Request Form

☆ 2013-2014 Club Waiver Request Form

☆ Random Spot Check Procedure
As of October 2006, a random spot check procedure has been put into place for all USA Rugby Championships. USA Rugby will select, at random, at least one team per championship event to do a thorough check of eligibility. Please review this procedure, if your team is selected it is expected that your team knows what will be required and will be able to produce the proper evidence within the appropriate time frame.

Youth and High School Policies

☆ Field Sizes and Match Durations for Youth
USA Rugby has provided a policy for all youth and high school-aged players in relation to time limits for games and time limits for days, as well as field dimensions. Please review this policy when scheduling any fixtures for youth players.

☆ USA Rugby Policy for High School Freshmen Under-15 Playing High School Rugby
Under 15 players should not normally play High School or U19 Rugby. This Guideline relates to players who are Under 15 years old AND in High School who wish to play in or be involved in training for, High School or U19 Rugby. Middle School players are not permitted to participate in High School Rugby.

☆ Under 18 and High School Players Participating in Adult Rugby (College or Senior Club) Rugby (Effective May 2010)
Players under the age of 18 are not permitted to play Adult Rugby. This guideline and waiver relates only to exceptional players identified by USA Rugby national coaches who are 17 and wish to play in, or be involved in training for, all College or Adult Rugby matches or scrimmages. Players must gain signatures from parent, coach, physician, USA Rugby national office and be approved before participation.

☆ Under 18 and High School Team Policy
High School and Under 19 rugby teams are not permitted to play contact rugby against college or adult rugby teams in practice or games.