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1. How we started

In 1999, England Netball proposed changes to it's competition structure. The most noticeable being to abolish county netball and replace it with regional club leagues...and in 2006 this eventually happened!

Four Norfolk clubs held a meeting to discuss how we could react to the proposals. We wanted to make sure all of our players (junior, youth and open) would still have the opportunity to develop and play at the highest standard available to them.

As individuals we knew we'd struggle to meet the new club requirements, so in June that year Norwich City Supporters, Norwich City Combi, Premier, Aylsham and Crossleys became 'Norfolk United'.

We set up a steering committee to investigate, build and deliver all the necessary procedures England Netball required. We've since elected an executive committee to oversee coaching, umpiring, development, selection and fund-raising and have three junior area branches - Attleborough, Aylsham and Norwich.

Our two main aims when we started were to make sure all our existing players could continue to play with their founder team and to be able to offer talented players with the desire to develop, a chance to play in national competitions via our academy squads. As individual clubs we'd have found this hard to achieve.

We're pleased to have moved on dramatically and now operate a player progression system and successful academy squads at all age groups. This makes sure we give players the opportunity to progress through our ranks and they are rewarded for their achievements. At senior level, we also compete in both the National Premier League and East Region League (open trials apply) and we represent in the East Region Youth League too.

On the financial side, we're predominantly self-funded and have many affordable monthly club packages depending on where you train and play. We are very fortunate to have individual player sponsors for many of our National and Regional league athletes and also our academy squads too. You will see their logos on our home page! And if you head on over to Instagram, we introduce them along with the athlete they support!

And just to make sure we are moving with the times and being diverse, we are very proud to now run an inclusive men's programme! We even took part in the inaugural England Mens & Mixed Netball Association's National Finals!!! Boys are welcome at all our JDC's too!

Together we can make this a long-standing and successful club both in Norfolk and further afield. The most important thing to us is that our members enjoy netball whenever and wherever they play.